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Good Devil Ballz-out Jock - Blue

Good Devil Ballz-out Jock
Good Devil Ballz-out JockGood Devil Ballz-out Jock
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Good DevilGood Devil
Good Devil Ballz-out Jock Good Devil Ballz-out Jock
Good Devil Ballz-out Jock
Color: Blue
Product#: 29006
Manufacturer#: GD4013
Material: 93% Polyester 7% Spandex
The guys at Good Devil are certifiable! And if you had any doubt, out the window doubt goes when you check out their latest crazy creation. The real question is do you have the balls to wear the Ballz-out Jock?

All crazy aside, a testimonial before we get into the details of the Ballz-out Jock: Both our models Ryan Russell and Adam Stray we're skeptical when they saw this garment, but by the end of the shoot they were raving about how comfortable they were and both asked if they could take the samples home

Here's the details: The front is like a slim brief made up of a smooth stretchy poly/spandex blend with a contoured pouch designed to push your dick out for a protruding effect but where it really gets interesting is cutout at the bottom of the pouch that's reinforced with an elastic edging. You stick your balls through this hole and due to the elastic, they are kept firmly in place sticking out of the pouch for all to see. It sounds crazy and it is but it works, it's comfortable, it's stylish and it's beyond sexy.

As for the back, it's also oozing with style and originality. The top is similar to those cut out briefs that have become hugely popular, with reinforced fabric that sits above and frames your ass. The main difference is the traditional jockstrap straps that attach to the top piece.
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