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Wolf Athletic Supporter - Black

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Wolf Athletic Supporter
Color: Black
Product#: 21001
Manufacturer#: W0BK
Material: 95% cotton 5% lycra
If you donít see your size, check out the JC Athletic swimmer and 3" jockstraps available in black or white.

Wolf Athletic Supporters are made by the same manufacturer that makes Omtex jockstraps and provide an alternative to the classic American sport jockstrap. Both Wolf and Omtex are phenomenal and have become some of our best selling jockstraps...ever. Many guys have moved over from the the classic sports jocks simply because they prefer the smooth cotton pouch and incredible support provided by the sturdy waistbands and leg straps of both Wolf and Omtex.

The Wolf supporter's superior design and quality make this one of the most durable yet comfortable sports jocks out there. From the mostly cotton pouch with a hint of lycra (for a improved fit) plus the full 3 inch sturdy elastic waistband down to the 1 inch elasticized cotton leg straps, Wolf has taken the sports jockstrap to a whole new comfort level

Please note: Wolf and Omtex jocks are very similar yet with a few notable differences: Omtex supporters have double-walled pouches for extra absorption whereas Wolf supporters have just one layer but both are made with a brushed cotton with a hint of Lycra to ensure the perfect fit. Omtex jockstraps have plain 3 inch wide waistbands with a wider horizontal rib whereas Wolf have a finer rib and have horizontal micro sports striping as you'd find in most classic sports jocks. Finally, both have one inch wide leg straps however the Wolf jock's elastic straps are wrapped in cotton for extra comfort. Which you choose all comes down to personal preference. They're inexpensive, and ever more so with this sale so why not try both to figure out which jock you prefer.

If comfort and quality isn't enough, then consider the great price!

Wolf jocks are true sports jocks so they are built to fit snug on the waist. If you're in between sizes we recommend ordering the larger size.
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Blue, White

$9.95 USD
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