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Male Power Oedipus Stud Thong - Black

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Male Power Oedipus Stud Thong
Color: Black
Product#: 19061
Manufacturer#: PAK-151
Material: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
Male Power steps up it's erotic gear with three new styles we're called Slick It.

This Male Power Oedipus Stud Thong is a sexy piece of kit with a studded pouch which is xtremely narrow in a black, super shiny, sleek and stretchy fabric. It's, in fact, two pieces. The first is a simple elasticized waistband in black with repeating metal studs. Completely separate is the pouch which narrows at the top to a strap which loops around the waistband and reattaches to itself using Velcro and is finished off with a metal ring.

In the back the thong is a single strap - the top loops around the waistband and attaches to itself using Velcro . The bottom disappears into the crevice between your cheeks inviting anyone to dive in after it.

The pouch is fully detachable from the waistband.

$24.95 USD
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