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Jack Adams Athletic 2.0 Jockstrap - Red and Black

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Jack Adams Athletic 2.0 Jockstrap Detail 1
Jack Adams Athletic 2.0 Jockstrap Detail 2
Jack Adams Athletic 2.0 Jockstrap
Red and Black - 70% Polyester, 15% Cotton and 15% Rubber
Like last year's Old School Jock, Jack Adams' latest creation takes inspiration from the classic jocks of yesteryear but improves on those jocks at every turn. They include all your favorite features like a rugged, super wide waistband and durable woven pouch. The quality is impeccable and constructed to withstand any vigorous workout.

First, the pouch: it's a ribbed knit made with a soft, right out of the box, poly cotton. The rib provides support plus stretch and expansion where you need it. The rib also helps define your manhood.

The waistband is unbelievable: It's approximately 3 inches wide made with a high density weave that snug and sturdy to keep the jock up, everything in place and prevent the waistband from folding over. Two quarter inch fabric stripes are sewn top and bottom provide extra support but also add an stylish touch. Finally, full 1 inch wide leg straps finish it all off.

Color variations are bold and masculine in either royal-blue and grey, grey and navy-blue or red and black. Definitely a jockstrap that deserves top drawer (or locker) status.
24.95 USD
color: Yellow
price: $15.00 $11.25 USD

color: Blue Steel
price: $24.00 USD

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