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4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap - Red and Black

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4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap Detail 1
4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap Detail 2
4 Hunks Thunder Jockstrap
Red and Black - 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane
Imported from Berlin and exclusively available at Jockstrap Central in North America, Sports Fetish brand 4 Hunks is here. We're launching with this Mesh Thunder Jockstrap and the crazy hot Catcher Lad Mesh Open Back Wrestling Singlet, here's the details of the jockstrap:

Totally unique and designed to enhance both your front and back. From the front, the Thunder Jock looks like a low-rise brief made with a unique double walled pouch. The inner layer is red and the outer layer, a perforated mesh in black. The effect is stunning. Even better: the mesh dot pattern emphasizes that bulge of yours. The fabric is incredibly soft with a bit of stretch so the fit is impeccable. Sturdy black half inch wide piping provides superior support. With the 4H logo on the left side.

The front pouch continues around back, narrowing as it goes to become the "waistband". While not traditional, the natural stretch of the fabric does it's job and in many ways, it's much more comfortable than a conventional elastic. But that's not all, need a butt lifting experience? The extra wide straps will do the trick. Made with a strip of the inner pouch material in red and reinforced with black piping on each side.
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