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Meyer Original Bike #10 Jockstrap - White

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Meyer Original Bike #10 Jockstrap Detail 1
Meyer Original Bike #10 Jockstrap Detail 2
Meyer Original Bike #10 Jockstrap
White - Nylon Rubber Cotton Polyester
The Bike #10 Jockstrap is back but with another name - it's the Meyer Original Bike #10 jockstrap.

Here's the scoop: Meyer was the licensed distributor for Bike in Europe and dealt with the Bike Factory directly, so when Bike stopped producing their jockstraps, Mayer approached the Bike factory to start producing Bike jockstraps for them using the exact same sizing and specs, the only thing different is the name. Size, style, fit, fabric and even the label are identical except where BIKE was is now a MM (for Meyer Marketing).

Seriously, it doesn't get better than this. This is the classic sports jock that started it all and THE jock to have for all your sports fetish play. It's the eptiome of masculinity with it's full 3 inch wide waistband, moisture wicking contoured pouch and sturdy leg straps to keep everything in place.

They're true sports jocks, so for sports get them size-as to give you the support you need, but to wear for any other reason and for longer periods of time, consider going up a size.

16.95 USD
color: Grey
price: $68.00 $40.80 USD

color: Purple
price: $44.00 USD

color: Black and Blue
price: $25.00 USD

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