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Nasty Pig XXX Jockstrap - Red

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Nasty Pig XXX Jockstrap Detail 1
Nasty Pig XXX Jockstrap Detail 2
Nasty Pig XXX Jockstrap
Red - 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
When you're geared up in Nasty Pig's latest jock you'll not only be advertising your true nature (Nasty Pig) but the rating you deserve (XXX) - both displayed prominently on the waistband for all to see.

The Nasty Pig XXX Jockstrap is a no-nonsense Nasty Pig jock with a nod to their roots utilizing their signature ribbed cotton for the pouch - it's a fabric we can never get enough of. Made mostly of cotton with a hint of spandex for exceptional fit. This time around, however, the pouch is streamlined and features only a single layer of fabric so your junk is more pronounced then ever before.

A plushed, super-high thread count, one inch wide waistband is the real show-stopper: Complete with horizontal racing stripes with large XXX and NASTY PIG front and center woven right into the band.

Finally, two three-quarter inch comfort leg straps finish off the jock

Pair this jock up with the Nasty Pig XXX Socks for a look that feels ripped right from the pages of a nineties porn magazine. Also check out the Nasty Pig XXX Brief.
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