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Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System - Blue

Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System
Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap SystemBreedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System
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Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System
Breedwell Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System
Color: Blue
Product#: 06305
Manufacturer#: BW00119-122
Material: 92% Cotton 8% Spandex + LED Light Strips
Highlight your Assets! Light up the night. Unlike the Breedwell Stripes Jockstrap we launched a while ago, this jockstrap comes loaded with light strips infused into the leg straps. If that weren't enough to get you noticed, the front includes snaps so you can attach an optional Breedwell Glow Pouch (sold separately) on the front. A jockstrap that looks equally good in the day as it does lit up at night.

In the front, find a smooth black pouch with three snaps to attach the optional (and sold separately) Glow Pouch. A masculine two inch wide black waistband with large state-your-intentions BREEDWELL front and center in white with two grey horizontal racing stripes .

The leg straps are where it's at: replacing the traditional jockstrap leg straps are two LED light strips. Ingeniously, Breedwell have included an adjustable buckle to ensure the leg straps fit right and allow the straps to be removed for washing.
  • Made with Cotton and Spandex.
  • Jockstrap base is machine washable after LED straps are removed. DO NOT LAUNDER LED STRAPS with battery and light component.
  • Includes two LED strips in place of leg straps.
  • 3 light modes: solid, slow pulse, and fast pulse.
  • Included buckles allow straps to be sized for perfect fit.
  • Fully charged in two hours, lasts for 6-20 hours depending on light mode.
  • USB charging cables included.
  • Front snaps included to attach optional (sold separately) Breedwell Glow Pouch

This is not some cheap gimmicky black light glow-in-the-dark jockstrap, the jockstrap is lit up with actual LED lights.

Unlit during the day or lit up at night, Breedwell gear looks amazing.

Breedwell Glow Pouch, Glow Suspender/Harness, Glow Armband and Logo Socks as seen in our photos are all sold separately.

This page is for purchasing the Glow Legstrap Jockstrap System only.
(black pouch, LED light leg straps plus waistband)

Other Colors Available:

$79.00 USD now only $47.40 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
Choose Size:
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color: Black (Sheer)
price: $18.00 USD
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PUMP! Black Access Trunk (open back)
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