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Breedwell Stripes Jockstrap - Red

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Breedwell Stripes Jockstrap
Color: Red
Product#: 06304
Manufacturer#: BW00101
Material: 92% Cotton 8% Spandex
Light up the night with our hottest fetish and club wear to date . Breedwell's tag line sums it all up: DIRTY BY CHOICE. With mix and match gear that's designed to make you stand out in a crowd, fetish party or night club.

On it's own, the Breedwell Blue Stripes jockstrap is one slick looking jockstrap. It's comfortable and fits you in all the right places with its soft cotton pouch and hint of spandex. But add a Glow Pouch (sold separately) and even in the dark they'll know how hot you are. In black with constrasting racing stripe down the pouch and edging piping to match in red. With three convenient snaps to attach a Breedwell Glow Pouch (more on this below).

A mascuiline two inch wide waistband in black with grunge BREEDWELL logo in white and double horizontal racing stripes in red to match all the Breedwell Glow Harnesses LED strips. Finally, two one-inch wide leg straps finish it all off.

Although this jock doesn't light up on it's own, snap on a Breedwell Glow Pouch (sold separately) to turn your regular jock into an LED jock anytime the mood hits you.
  • Made with cotton and spandex.

  • Black with fetish color detailing.

  • Includes three snaps to attach a Glow Pouch (sold separately).

  • Waistband sports stripes match Breedwell Harnesses LED stripes.

In our photos, along with the Red Breedwell Stripes Jockstrap our model Caleb King is wearing:

Red Breedwell LED Glow Pouch

Red Breedwell Glow Shoulder Harness

Red Breedwell Glow Bulldog Harness

Red Breedwell Logo Socks

Other Colors Available:
Black, Blue

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