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Breedwell Cockring Strap - Black

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Breedwell Cockring Strap
Color: Black
Product#: 06001
Manufacturer#: BW00384
Material: Nylon Leather Metal
Light up the night with our hottest fetish and club wear to date . Breedwell's tag line sums it all up: DIRTY BY CHOICE. With mix and match gear that's designed to make you stand out in a crowd, fetish party or night club.

While not as complicated or technical as other Breedwelll items, guaranteed this item will become your favorite. It's a nylon and leather strap connecting the chest D ring of your Breedwell Glow Bulldog Harness to your favorite cockring (not included) so every move makes your dick throb. Hit the dance floor hard.

The strap is constructed from the same premium, dual-layer canvas straps used in all Breedwell gear. Over the canvas is a strip of premium black leather. At the base are two snaps, at top are three, allowing for variety of lengths adjustments.

It may be optional but a must-have horny accessory for your Breedwell Bulldog Harness.
  • fully adjustable with metal snaps

  • Three size available - S/M, L/X or 2X/3X

  • Sizing is base on possible length of strap

  • Top of strap wraps around D ring of harness, bottom wraps around your favorite cockring

  • For sizing: measure from where the front Bulldog Harness D ring starts down to the base of your dick

The Breedwell Cockring Strap is compatible with these Breedwell Items:

Red Breedwell Glow Bulldog Harness

Blue Breedwell Glow Bulldog Harness

$14.95 USD now only $11.96 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
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