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HisJock Snap Jock - Red

HisJock Snap Jock
HisJock Snap JockHisJock Snap Jock
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HisJock Snap Jock HisJock Snap Jock
HisJock Snap Jock
Color: Red
Product#: 05114
Manufacturer#: HJSJ-RD
Material: 67% Nylon 20% Cotton 13% Spandex
Well, here we go again. Bringing you another new hard to find brand of jock. One that's not only unique but deceptively dirty and one that's sure to whet your jockstrap fetish appetite! You saw it here first!

Before I get into the full description, let just sum up the HisJock Snap Jock into a few defining words:

Snap Off Pouch. Exposing. Mix n' Match. Dirty. Endowed. Masculine.

And just to set the mood, here's the washing instructions on the outer front label so you know what you're getting into: "For best results Do Not Wash. Soak heavily with piss lube and cum."

Ok, so now that's out of the way, let get on with it...

The all new HisJock Snap Jock looks pretty innocent at first glance, just a very good looking sports jock. BUT then you realize that the pouch snaps off to not only expose your junk but reveals a jockstrap framework underneath that gives your exposed boys a boost.

The Pouch: Perfect for the big guys. The pouch is not only generously cut but the ribbed knit fabric adds a large amount of stretch to accommodate the well endowed. And instead of squashing you in, the pouch is suspended from the waistband allowing you to hang more naturally - especially welcome if you've got some hefty equipment.

Snaps on all three sides of the pouch allow you to completely remove it to expose yourself. You can also get creative by mixing and matching the waistbands and pouches if you have a few in different colors. The snaps, by the way, are metal with slick black rubberized coverings.
The Waistband: It's got the sturdiness of a true sports jock and a masculine look with its full 3-inch wide waistband.But that's not all: We all know jocks are better when they're used and sweaty. So HisJock has placed a friendly reminder on the front rubber label telling you not only to avoid washing but to load the jock up with sweat, piss and cum. Sounds good to us.

Finally, the one inch wide legstraps finish this crazy-hot jockstrao off.

Please note: We included a few extra photos showing the jock with mix n' match waistbands and colors. This can only be achieved if you buy multiple jocks in different colors.
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