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Pulse Sheer Wrestling Singlet - Australia - Australia

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Pulse Sheer Wrestling Singlet - Australia Detail 1
Pulse Sheer Wrestling Singlet - Australia Detail 2
Pulse Sheer Wrestling Singlet - Australia
Australia - 95% Nylon 5% Spandex
Our supply of these singlets is limited. We got our first batch of countries in April 2012 and sold out in 12 hours. The second batch sold out in 3 hours!!! We reordered right away and it took 6 months to get more in. In other words, if you want these wrestlers, get them now as there's no guarantee when or even if they'll be back.

Wrestling is pretty hot as it is with all those hunky guys in skin tight singlets with prominent bulges showing while they roll around the ground with another wrestling grabbing them "accidentally" in all the right spots. Well, Pulse has upped the ante making their singlets in their signature soft 4-way stretch and totally see-through mesh showing off not only the bulge but what's causing it. Of course these singlets are going to have you so turned on from the start that it's a good thing this super stretch mesh will tent as far as you need it to.

This Australian version of the Sheer Singlet features a mostly white mesh body with a chest level Australian flag (incorporating the Union Jack,Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross constellation design). Right under the flag is "AUSTRALIA" printed in matching blue.The arms and neck are edged and reinforced with blue piping while the legs are edged with white making for one stunning (and patriotic) design.

Be a total exhibitionist or wear it with a pair of jeans for a tank top that won't ride up. Be a man of the world and collect all six- USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia and Great Britain.

These singlets stretch big time both outward and upward and are very forgiving however we recommend basing you size choice on both your weight and height. Our model Ryan Russell is 5'10" and 173lbs and was wearing a small-medium. It fit perfectly but could accommodate someone larger. If you are 6' or taller, we strongly recommend the large-xlarge size.
48.00 USD now only $33.60 USD
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color: Big League
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color: Grey
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color: Red and White
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