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Go Softwear Jockstraps, underwear and sportswear is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of men's clothing. Produced right in the heart of the fashion district in downtown L. A. Since its inception in 1996, the company ushered in a new era in men's undergarments and gym wear with the novel collection of men's enhancement underwear (padded briefs, boxers & jockstraps) along with colorful underwear and tank top designs, seldom common at the time.

Way ahead of it's time, GO SOFTWEAR designs become a favorite among young, image and body conscious males.

The name Go Softwear is obviously a play on software but it's also ironic, as soft is not the word comes to mind when you look at their designs. Whether it's a mesh jockstrap or stylish men's underwear, think sexy casual and fashionable gym wear with a little bit of naughty thrown into the mix, and you have Go Softwear.

Be sure to check out their sister company American Jock for some awesome sportswear and jockstraps.



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