How to Buy The Right Size Jockstrap

When you shop for a jockstrap, it's important that you choose the right size jockstrap or athletic supporter, especially if the jockstrap is to be worn for sports, the gym or for any other athletic activity. Even if it's a fashion jockstrap you're looking to buy, you will want it to fit correctly so it not only looks good but it's comfortable. Our Jockstrap sizing recommendations are slightly different for sports jockstraps than fashion jockstraps but there are some basic rules that apply for both:

The most important thing to consider with any jock (or pair of underwear) is to look at each jockstrap manufacturer's recommended size chart. They are the experts. Each jockstrap designer's sizing is unique and you can't assume that because you wear a medium in a Bike Jockstrap you will be a size medium in a Flarico jockstrap. For instance, with jockstrap producer SafeTGard, their small is a youth size and their medium is comparable to most other's small.

Jockstrap sizing is determined mostly by the actual length of the waistband plus the tautness and stretchability of the elastic which will be different depending on the elastic used. Contrary to popular belief, the size of the jockstrap isn't indicative of pouch size. Confused? Don't be: When browsing any jockstrap at Jockstrap Central, we have included a waist size spread recommended by each manufacturer/designer which can be found in the size drop down box which should help you decide what size is best for you.

How to measure jockstrap size?

Your waist size is not your jeans size.

Do not, and I repeat, do not assume your actual waist size is the size of the last pair of Levi Jeans you bought. Some jeans fit low on your hips and other high on your waist plus many clothing designers are now incorporating vanity sizing - essentially lying about the actual waist size to make you feel good. Measure your waist size to be certain.

To determine your actual waist size: go to the dollar store and get yourself a soft fabric measuring tape and measure around your actual waist. You can also get a piece of string: holding one end, wrap the string around your waist until it meets back up at the start, and mark it or cut it. Lie the string along a ruler to determine the size jockstrap you need.

Specific Sizing tips for sports jockstrap

Jockstraps for sports provide support and protection, they are designed to keep your genitals in place when you run or jog and in the case of a hard cup supporter, they protect your genitals from impact. To provide this support and protection, sizing is of utmost importance. The waistband should be snug, the leg straps taut which in turn pulls the pouch down to keep your penis and testicles from moving around. We recommend going with the manufacturer's recommended sizing. If you're in between sizes, then for sports you're better off going down a size. If you're planning on wearing your sports jock as regular underwear, consider going up a size. Elastics are forgiving.

How should a jockstrap fit?

Specific sizing for fashion jockstraps

Although once strictly for sports, jockstraps are now a very popular and sexy form of regular everyday underwear. Sizing fashion jocks is no different sizing regular underwear. You're generally safe choosing the size of your fashion jock based on the jockstrap designer's recommended sizing, however there may be a few exceptions. Personal taste: Some guys prefer a looser fit and find a loose jockstrap more comfortable while other prefer the look of a tight fitting jock. Thunder thighs. If you are muscular and have larger than average upper legs and thighs (like our model Trent) you may want to consider going up a size as the leg straps will be tighter, flattening the pouch.

Ultimately, don't be afraid to buy your first jockstrap. Armed with the above information and each jockstrap brand's recommended sizing, we're pretty confident you're going to love you first jock and will be back for more. Experiment with the individual brands and styles we offer and find the jockstrap that looks good and makes you feel good because that's what it's all about.

Here are some of our favorite sports jockstraps: