So You Want to be a Jockstrap Central Model

Since it's inception back in 2005, Jockstrap Central decided to do things differently by not only producing our own photography for our online underwear store, but also to take a decidedly and overtly sexier approach to what is essentially catalog photography. Taking inspiration from physique photography and male art nude photography from years past, owners Adrian Dobson and John Taite showcase the sexual nature of the jockstraps, underwear and gear we sell.

Modeling jockstraps is as fun as it looks but it's also hard work. A photo shoot usually takes four hours from start to finish, parts are tedious, and it's often difficult to keep coming up with new unique poses. It is, however, a great boost to your ego as we're gushingly complimentary. Even better: you get paid, you will end up with photos for your modeling portfolio and you will walk away with some of the jockstraps and gear you've modeled during the shoot.

Although we try to be as diverse as possible with our models, we don't just shoot anyone. Here's some criteria:

What type of model are you looking for? From the start, we have always been about diversity. Unlike many other underwear stores, we don't have a "type" and try to avoid cookie cutter career models. If we had to describe the typical Jockstrap Central model it would be: Male, athletic, aged 18 to 80, slim or beefy, tall or short, hairy or smooth and of every ethnic persuasion possible.

There are so many factors that come into play when scouting our models but mostly it's a feel. We don't style our models to be something they're not, but choose models because they come with a look that we feel it a good fit. Often, we hire models based on the jockstraps and underwear we are shooting. If it's fetish and sports fetish jockstraps we'll often look for edgy guys with tattoos and piercings. If it's traditional sports jockstraps then we'll look for fitness instructors and more sporty looking athletes.

Here's some more factors about what we're looking for

Great Ass: Being Jockstrap Central, a majority of what we shoot are jockstraps (duh!) so you have to at the very least be comfortable having your bum exposed in some of the photos. Because of that, we require our models to have a pretty firm butt. A jockstrap frames the ass and the jockstrap straps will dig in too much if it's not firm and muscular.

Package and endowment: Having a big dick isn't everything. We're mostly looking for a good complete package and we've found it's often the balls that fill the pouch the way we like, but even that isn't a requirement. We do have some tricks to improve the bulge: Often we will require the model to either wear a cock ring (which we provide) or we will ask the model to fluff themselves a bit (if they're comfortable with that) - it's the nature of the business. With that in mind, no one will ever touch you other than to snip a loose thread or adjust a strap - our shoots are purely professional.

Exhibitionist? We need a guy who is bit of a exhibitionist (aren't all models?) and exudes confidence, even a bit of acting can help the shoot along. With that said, we do encourage a model's individual personality to come out and try not to dictate too much. That way, each model brings something unique to a shoot.

Don't be Shy: We need the photo shoot to be as efficient as possible trying to get through as much as we can during a four hour shoot. Because of this, we ask that you be comfortable enough to change from garment to garment in the studio. If we have agreed that you don't want your junk exposed in the photos then we simply won't photograph them.

Experience: The most common assumption is that we're looking for professional models, ones that have made modeling their career. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although we do love working with models with a lot of experience, particularly fitness models as they usually come with an uncanny awareness of their body and the shapes it's capable of making. However, shoots with Amateur models are often more artistic as those guys willing to experiment and try different poses. Our favorite shoots have been with amateur models.

We're not a porn site: I'm sure you've figured out, we're not afraid of showing a bit of gratuitous nudity if a model is ok with it. With that said, we're not a porn site and beyond the occasional full-frontal or erection shots, our photo shoots are really about showing off the jockstraps and underwear.

Work within a model's limitations: We don't expect all our models to model the mesh, see-through and even full-frontal jocks and fetish wear we carry. We will always work within a model's limitations. We always have an initial meeting with every model to determine their comfort level and tailor each shoot to it.

What if I get an erection? You'd be surprised at how often we get this questions! Chill out. It happens, it's natural and it's no big deal. With some models, there's a natural turn-on modeling underwear. If it's not appropriate for the garment we're photographing, then we'll just wait it out. True story: One of our models was a true exhibitionist and got so turned on from the shoot that he had an erection through most of the shoot. The shoot took forever as we had to constantly wait for his boner to subside to get the shots we needed.

Location, location, location: Although we prefer to work with models in or near Toronto for a variety of reasons (mostly practical) it's not impossible to work with models from away, it's just more difficult. We don't pay for travel and lodging and we don't shoot because a model is in town but because we have new product to get shot. For out-of-towners, we normally tell them that if they're visiting Toronto then let us know and perhaps we can coordinate a shoot. For local models, we need them to be "on call" for when we need them.

So, if that hasn't scared you off then why don't you give it a try? Email us and let us know a bit about yourselves but the most important step is to include a few recent photos - face and body shots are best and preferably in underwear (or jockstraps) or less. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...

Email: models@jockstrapcentral.com

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