The Ins and Outs of Mens Gym Shorts

Whether you're looking for a pair of light-weight gym shorts for a workout, movement friendly short shorts for a run on the track or a pair of sexy shorts as a sporty streetwear look, here's some guidelines to help you choose the perfect one.

Before we start, let's get this out of the way: Shorts that go below the knee are not shorts and whether worn on the beach, the street or anywhere else they are a bad idea. Why? Simply because they look awful and do nothing to compliment the body. Visually, they lengthen the upper body and shorten the legs. Practically, they hinder movement. Add pockets, as in cargo shorts and they become a bulky mess.

The first thing to consider when buying a pair of men's shorts is where you're going to wear them. For working out or jogging, we recommend mesh. Mesh shorts keep you air conditioned allowing air to flow where you tend to heat up most - the crotch and groin. Mesh gym shorts tend to come either lined or unlined, which you choose is a personal choice and is dependent on their purpose. Gym, fashion, or exhibition.

Unlined shorts are versatile: One pair of unlined mesh shorts can be easily be adapted for the gym, any sport, workout or worn as a stylish sexy short for the club or as street wear with exposing possibilities. For a workout, simply grab your favorite jockstrap to wear underneath to give you the support you need. The mesh, as mentioned, will provide air-flow and keep you cool. As street wear and a bit of sexy fun, ditch the jock and go commando for a true sense of freedom and give those onlookers a show.

Lined shorts add support, add a level of modesty and help soak up sweat. If you strictly want them for athletics, then shorts with a lining are the way to go. The main decision you'll have is choosing the length. For jogging, you'll want a shorter short, preferably with side slits for enhanced movement, for any other purpose, it's up to you.

Men's short shorts are sexy, have a cool retro look and enhance movement.

Beyond sports: Many guys into sports fetish make gym shorts part of their play, matched up with running shoes and other gym gear. Exhibitionists love shorts for their revealing qualities (especially when they're mesh and see-through) there's even a term called upshorts - a glimpse up the leg or accidental exposure of a guys dick and balls when a guy is freeballing in his shorts.

For all purposes above, we have found one brand that supplies guys with the perfect short: Jack Adams. Depending on the use, be sure to check out either Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts (unlined) or Jack Adams Air Mesh Track Shorts (extremely short but lined).

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