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Male Power X-rated Extreme Jocks and Thongs
2014-04-17 : Male Power X-rated Extreme Jocks and Thongs
This total exposure collection of jocks, jock briefs and thongs from Male Power all include rings, things, gizmos and gadgets for added fun and excitement. There's 6 designs in total, be sure to collect them all.As to be expected, we show it all uncensored so you know what you're getting (plus our model Adam is so damn sexy)
Nasty Pig Constellation Shorts
2014-04-09 : Nasty Pig Constellation Shorts
Nasty Pig's 2014 shorts are here. What we love most about these very retro boxing-inspired short shorts is that the fabric is sturdy enough and the leg opening are wide enough that your bulging package could cause some naughty up-short viewing opportunities - especially if you're free-balling.
Nasty Pig Streamline Trunk
2014-04-08 : Nasty Pig Streamline Trunk
Nasty Pig's 2014 shorts are here! The Streamline Trunk, although worn tight and fitted, allows you to move more fluidly in these bright and fresh short shorts, constructed from a double-faced fabric made to Nasty Pig's specifications: the outside is a light mesh that's firmly affixed to the inside lightweight cotton fleece. Not only does it feel great cradling your "boys" but it also shows everything you're packing - so commando is the way to go.
Jack Adams Mesh Wonder Jock
2014-03-31 : Jack Adams Mesh Wonder Jock
Appropriately named, the Wonder Jock has it all from a totally roomy sheer mesh pouch up front to the ultra thick butt lifting leg straps in the back. As a bonus, If you like things up your bum, then the extra center strap is going to be right up your er... alley.
Cellblock 13 Locker Jocks
2014-03-27 : Cellblock 13 Locker Jocks
Taking inspiration from the traditional sport jockstraps we all grew up with but in particular, the Bike #10, Cellblock 13 has created what's sure to become another classic with it's super sturdy waistband and woven pouch that is equally perfect for sports or some hot and heavy sport fetish sex session. There's six colors to choose from. Check them out and also get the first look of our latest model Tristian sporting the new jocks.
Cellblock 13 Knockout Jocks
2014-03-20 : Cellblock 13 Knockout Jocks
Cellblock 13's Knockout Jockstrap is the perfect combination of sport jock, fetish jock and edgy fashion jock and has to go down as one of CB13's most comfortable jocks to date. In three fetish friendly color combinations, this is a must have for your jock collection.
COLT Jockstraps are Back
2014-03-06 : COLT Jockstraps are Back
Our original range of COLT jockstraps were discontinued a while ago. Well, now they're back with new brand new jockstrap designs and this time around, Colt has pulled out the big guns using Timoteo, one of the world's top underwear designers to produce them. These are going to fly!
Raw Studio Launch Two
2014-02-27 : Raw Studio Launch Two
Exclusive to Jockstrap Central. We've got two new designs in various colors for a total of 5 new jockstraps. Whether it's the sleek fashion of the V-Jock or the bulge boosting design of the Ball Lift Jock - they're both an awesome addition to our Raw Studio offerings. Did I mention they were exclusive available at Jockstrap Central?
Raw Studio Is Here
2014-02-20 : Raw Studio Is Here
After an 6 year hiatus, Raw Studio has had a resurrection (or should we say res-erection). They've come back better than ever and they're still exclusive to Jockstrap Central This is the first stage of our Raw Studio launch featuring three sexually charged designs: The Y-Jock, C-Scoop Ball Lifter and Strapless Sock.
Pump Touchdown Boxers
2014-01-28 : Pump Touchdown Boxers
Our PUMP! jockstraps were such a huge hit that we're now expanding the line and introducing PUMP! Touchdown Boxers. With their bold color combinations and stunning design elements, this underwear is going to get you noticed. Don't think it's all style and no substance, not only are they good looking but they're ultra-comfortable and craftsmanship is A+.
Mr. S Leather Jockstrap and Jock Brief Fetish Collection
2014-01-23 : Mr. S Leather Jockstrap and Jock Brief Fetish Collection
Get ready for some of the edgiest sport fetish jockstraps to hit our shelves. Mr. S Leather has making fetish gear for over 30 years and now with the help of top underwear designer Timoteo they've now got fetish underwear under the belts. 8 new jockstraps and jock briefs in 4 awesome styles.
Nasty Pig Baller Jock, Brief and Socks
2014-01-07 : Nasty Pig Baller Jock, Brief and Socks
What a way to start 2014 with some brand new gear from Nasty Pig. This time around they've gone all classic on us with some truly spectacular sporty and stylish designs in awesome bold colors. Destined to be classic Nasty Pig.
Good Devil X-rated Matrix and MIni Thongs
2013-12-29 : Good Devil X-rated Matrix and MIni Thongs
Totally outrageous - these aren't necessarily underwear but display suits - think of it as fashion for your kit. Just be warned, they put all you've got out front and center and totally on display so click on over to check them out but be warned, there will be full on nudity ahead.
Male Power Artigo Jockstraps
2013-11-22 : Male Power Artigo Jockstraps
The Artigo jock is all about comfort with numerous features including a generous pouch, narrow leg straps, comfort waistband and ventilated mesh fabric. But that's not all - because it's mesh it's partially see-through adding a bit of sexual spice.Check them out on our model Adam Stray.
Male Power Neon Collection
2013-11-21 : Male Power Neon Collection
Want to get noticed? Then the Male Power Neon Jockstraps, Briefs and Jockbriefs will light up your life. Paneled in neon orange and yellow so they're perfect at the club under the blacklight.
Pulse Stretch Mesh Country Jockstraps
2013-11-14 : Pulse Stretch Mesh Country Jockstraps
Brand new from Pulse, it's the Pulse Stretch Mesh Country Jockstraps using their incredible four-way stretch mesh and designed with a country flag motif. If you're looking for a stylish jock that allows you to show off what's you've got, soft or hard, then this is the jockstrap for you.
Cellblock 13 Swat Collection
2013-11-04 : Cellblock 13 Swat Collection
Get them while you can - although technically discontinued, we managed to get our hands on some of the Swat Collection. These totally hot compression style shorts and pant - two of them have the ass cut out that just scream - open for business. Snap them up before they're gone for good.
Nasty Pig Union Suits
2013-11-01 : Nasty Pig Union Suits
It doesn't get more masculine than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man. Nasty Pig's union suits respect the aesthetics of tradition but improves on the union suit in every way with tailored fit and ultra-sexy snaps running from the chest, down around the crotch and running back up to just above the bum - we're sure you're thinking of all the possibilities.
Full Kit Gear Fetish Jockstraps are Here
2013-10-26 : Full Kit Gear Fetish Jockstraps are Here
The next huge fetish brand has arrived big time at Jockstrap Central. Full Kit Gear Performance Sport Jockstraps were designed for comfort but ooze of masculinity with their fetish forward styling. These are the hottest jocks we've seen in a long time (and we see a lot!)
Nasty Pig Long Johns for 2013 have Arrived
2013-10-10 : Nasty Pig Long Johns for 2013 have Arrived
The cold is on it's way but don't despair, Nasty Pig's 2013 long johns are here to keep you warm. But why wait until winter? All the cool kids are wearing the NP long johns as trendy outerwear on the streets of New York. Brand new colors for 2013, just don't delay, they sold out last year.
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