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You Can Never Get Enough PUMP!
2016-09-24 : You Can Never Get Enough PUMP!
It's a no-brainer, when a brand is as popular as PUMP! has been the only thing to do is bring in more so we did and we got our crazy hot model Seamus back in to show all the new gear off to perfection. There's jockstraps, briefs and socks (in packs of two). Joining our forever-growing collection are two all-new jockstraps and two new briefs (the brief counterpart to our all-time best selling jockstraps, Frost and Fever). We got our devishly handsome Irish model Seamus to do the modeling honors so head over to our PUMP! department and enjoy the view!
Nasty Pig 2016 Union Suits are Here!
2016-09-22 : Nasty Pig 2016 Union Suits are Here!
They're back for 2016 (and with an awesome new color, army green) but in limited supply! Keep in mind, these are seasonal items, NP usually only does one run and we sold out almost immediately last year so snag them early so you're not left out in the cold. It doesn't get more masculine than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man. Nasty Pig's union suit respects the aesthetics but improves on the union suit in every way. Instead of the traditional flannel, Nasty Pig uses their signature super-soft, top quality lightly ribbed spandex/cotton underwear fabric with snap closures that runs down the front, all the way under the crotch and around to the back - to just above the butt - is an innovative back closure solution, way sexier than the traditional ones. Check out our exhibitionist Adam Stray and Caleb King model the new suits and demonstrate their potential (NSFW!).
Nasty Pig XLR8 Jocks, Briefs and Socks featuring model Seamus
2016-08-29 : Nasty Pig XLR8 Jocks, Briefs and Socks featuring model Seamus
The latest collection from Nasty Pig is here and this time around It's slick and it's modern yet they're paying their respects to one of our all-time favorite Nasty Pig jocks of years past, the Touchdown Jock. With the iconic pig logo front and center and Nasty Pig in a bold and 3d font. But the best, and this is what accelerates it to the ranks of Nasty Pig's best is the fabric - unlike the cotton of it's predecessor, this one is made from Modal, one of the best modern fabrics out there. It's ridiculously soft to the touch, maintains it's color when washed, breathes like cotton and yet it's tough as nails. Check them and our new model Seamus out!
Magic Silk Jockstraps - Treat Your Boys
2016-08-16 : Magic Silk Jockstraps - Treat Your Boys
Smooth, soft and luxurious. All that and more - Magic Silk's updated all-silk jockstraps are here. This 100% silk jockstrap will make your boys happy with the brushed silk caressing them. Don't kid yourself, these are not support jocks, but where they lack in support they make up for it with their feel good factor. The generous contoured pouch means you will hang naturally, it's unconfining while the silk cradles your bulge.
OMG! Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access 3D Cod Piece
2016-08-04 : OMG! Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access 3D Cod Piece
Just arrived (and still exclusively available in North America at Jockstrap Central). Designed to emphasize your most valuable assets these hug-your-body Maskulo Open Back Leggings feel like a second skin. With the leather-look super-3D formed pouch (open at the top for easy exit) and leather look thigh and calf padding they're sure to get you noticed. It's sports fetish on steroids.
A jockstrap for the BIG boys - Male Power Honeycomb Jock
2016-07-27 : A jockstrap for the BIG boys - Male Power Honeycomb Jock
The Honeycomb Jockstrap by Male Power is a stylish and unique jock that puts comfort first but with a touch of sexiness that you would expect from a Male Power creation with a generous cut pouch that will make all those guys with big packages happy. The most notable feature is it's namesake, the unique honeycomb mesh fabric: On first glance, it looks like a honeycomb patterned mesh, and it is but upon closer inspection you'll find the holes of the honeycomb are filled with a fine black mesh so it is see-through but subtly so.
Cellblock 13 Dragnet Jockstraps are here
2016-07-20 : Cellblock 13 Dragnet Jockstraps are here
Cellblock 13's Dragnet Jockstrap is a masterpiece of deception. On the surface it's a stunning looking fashion meets fetish jockstrap fit for Captain Joe Friday but underneath the surface you'll find one comfortable jock for Joe's boys on the beat with a unique double mesh pouch that not only looks great but feels great too with built in air-conditioning.
Nasty Pig Core Jocks are Back
2016-07-19 : Nasty Pig Core Jocks are Back
Great news, Nasty Pig's classic Core Jocks are not only back in black and white but they've also brought back our favorite all red version. Guaranteed to become your new favorite with Nasty Pig's exceptional attention to detail, quality and talent for creating comfortable, live-in jocks.
Raw Studio Military Mesh Jocks and Ball Lifters
2016-07-06 : Raw Studio Military Mesh Jocks and Ball Lifters
After the huge success of the original Raw Studio Military Collection, we're excited to let you know that part II of this collection is now available. This time around we're upped the sexy with a new camouflage mesh jock and two solid military inspired jocks - oh and if that weren't enough, two of the jocks have built in c-rings so you'll bulge to perfection. As always, Raw Studio is exlusive to Jockstrap Central
Cellblock 13 Sweeper Reversible Mesh Shorts
2016-06-22 : Cellblock 13 Sweeper Reversible Mesh Shorts
Let us introduce you to your new favorite shorts: Cellblock 13 Sweeper Short is jam-packed (and not just with your bulge), this unlined mesh short is also reversible so you're getting two great looking shorts for the price of one, it shows off your legs, hugs your ass, there's pockets, drawstrings and they come in three stunning colors combinations.
Full Kit Gear Steam Briefs
2016-06-08 : Full Kit Gear Steam Briefs
Full Kit Gear's latest creation, the Steam Brief is here and it's their take on the jock brief. We're not entirely sure where the name STEAM comes from but it could be based on some of the stunning steampunk color combinations but it's most likely because the open back design(with it's butt-lifting tendencies) displays your bubble butt to perfection and lets you ventilate when things get steaming hot. Available in five incredible color combinations.
Nasty Pig 3D Jockstraps
2016-06-01 : Nasty Pig 3D Jockstraps
Nasty Pig's has gone back - not only to their their classic Nasty Pig jockstrap design with their signature soft micro-ribbed cotton pouch but also way back with a super-fabulous retro 3D NASTY PIG logo in either red or cyan - no glasses required. It's hip and cool just like you. It's everything you expect in a Nasty Pig jock with their signature tough but soft double walled ribbed cotton pouch, super-comfortable plushed quarter inch leg straps and one and a half inch wide waistband. The pouch is jet-black with contrasting turquoise piping, turquoise leg straps and a two-toned turquoise and black waistband.
Exclusive: Raw Studio Military Collection is Here!
2016-05-11 : Exclusive: Raw Studio Military Collection is Here!
Just arrived and still exclusive to Jockstrap Central. Raw Studio's collection of military inspired fetish wear is here featuring their signature army-green leather-look pvc fabric . The collection consists of two jockstraps, a jock brief and the x-rated Commando Ball-lifter where your junk is on full display.
Sukrew U Jock and Full Jock are here
2016-05-05 : Sukrew U Jock and Full Jock are here
Hot off the press sewing machine, it's Sukrew's latest creations, the U Jock and Full Jock. Choose either Sukrew's signature full-packaged design that's perfect for guys who are well endowed and want to show off with one massive bulge or the U design where you put your junk out on full display. Both designs have a unique and sexy X design that draws all eyes to the prize - that being your bulge or you junk, it's up to you!
PUMP! Micro-mesh Brief and Socks are here
2016-04-13 : PUMP! Micro-mesh Brief and Socks are here
Joining our best selling PUMP! Micro-mesh Jockstraps are some briefs from the same collection. With gorgeous detailing and high-quality fabrics and construction, this is top-drawer underwear. We've also brought in new PUMP! socks - these socks match the jocks and underwear and come in packs of two for the price of one.
Cellblock 13 Leather-look Bullet Jockstraps
2016-04-06 : Cellblock 13 Leather-look Bullet Jockstraps
Bite the bullet and get yourself in Cellblock 13s latest fetish jockstrap with some credentials: The Cellblock 13 Bullet Jockstrap has the look and attitude of leather but it's actually a high-quality coated polyester/spandex fabric that's durable yet soft and pliable and feels great cradling your boys - and the best part is, unlike leather, this is machine washable. Of course, being Cellblock 13, you know it's built tough. Available in all your favorite fetish color combos and our favorite - army-green.
Cellblock 13 Commando Jockstrap and Slingback Jockstrap
2016-04-01 : Cellblock 13 Commando Jockstrap and Slingback Jockstrap
Cellblock 13 has headed back to the trenches with their all new Commando Jockstrap and Commando Slingback Jockstrap (Jock Brief) and they did it with all guns blazing taking the always masculine camouflage motif and adding that hit of style we all expect from CB13 sending this new gear over the top. One of favorite CB13 collection yet (and there have been a lot a awesome ones!)
Activeman Sport Jock Designer Collection
2016-03-20 : Activeman Sport Jock Designer Collection
Ask and you shall receive. We had an idea on how to dress up Activeman's mostly conservative sports jocks, so we called them up, told them our idea and voila! The Designer Collection was born. They're still everything you want in a sports jock but with a punch of style with some mix and match colors including a 3 inch and swimmer gold and black combo and two new 2 inch Jockstraps
Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap
2016-03-03 : Jack Adams Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap
Along with the Racer Jock, we've also just launched this very sexy Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap from Jack Adams. With a wonderful micromesh pouch and very revealing scoop at the top that comes dangerously close to exposing the top of your shaft and with a little adjustment, more so (for the exhibitionist in you).
Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap
2016-03-02 : Jack Adams Racer Jockstrap
Just in, this all new sports fetish jockstrap from Jack Adams that looks hot and won't break the bank. In black with either red, gold or white stripes in an awesome micro-mesh fabric and Jack Adam's incredible comfort waistband and leg straps.
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