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Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jock, Shorts and Harnesses
2017-02-02 : Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Jock, Shorts and Harnesses
X-treme is a fucking incredible looking collection of sports fetish gear consisting of jockstraps, jock briefs and body hugging fetish shorts all with snap off pouches but the secret weapon is the included PF Jock Armour body hugging cock ring that grips your cock and pushes your junk up and out so you're bulging to perfection. There's also matching harnesses with those ridiculously hot cock rings as well you can wear independantly or hook them up to the other X-treme gear. Be warned, this collection is in your face and NOT SAFE FOR WORK!
Full Kit Gear Service Shorts - new colors
2017-01-27 : Full Kit Gear Service Shorts - new colors
We just received two new versions of our full featured Full Kit Gear Service Shorts. These fetish shorts now come in five fetish forward colors and have handy functional zippers both front and in the rear for full service.
PUMP! Micromesh Tanktops and New Jock Styles
2017-01-11 : PUMP! Micromesh Tanktops and New Jock Styles
We're back with even more PUMP! gear and why not, it's one of our best selling brands. Joining our already huge collection of jockstraps, briefs and socks are some incredible micro-mesh sports tanktops with lots of stylish detailing and the iconic PUMP! logo and team numbers on the back. But that's not all, we've just added four new jockstrap designs to our collection as well, all modeled by our latest model Manny.
Exclusive Raw Studio War Collection
2016-12-16 : Exclusive Raw Studio War Collection
Go ballistic with Raw Studio's latest limited edition fetish collection of edgy jockstraps, jock briefs and strapless socks called simply WAR in serious black using some of the most authentic looking leather-like fabric in either solid or mesh. Team up this explosive collection with your favorite pair of combat boots and you're all set. This Jockstrap Central exclusive collection consists of jockstraps and a strapless sock, some in mesh and marks the first time our model Seamus has modeled anything remotely see-through.
Nasty Pig Titanium Jocks and Briefs are Here
2016-12-13 : Nasty Pig Titanium Jocks and Briefs are Here
Nasty Pig is back with their last collection of 2016 and what better a launch for the shiny season than the Nasty Pig Titanium Collection. With the serious jet black modal pouch, metallic (titanium) waistband and iconic Nasty Pig pig logo front and center, this jock is going to get you noticed. It may be uncomplicated but it's striking in it's simplicity and the perfect jock or brief for dressing up (could this be your new year's outfit?) or getting down and dirty.
Full Kit Gear Service Shorts
2016-12-10 : Full Kit Gear Service Shorts
Good things come to those who wait. Full Kit Gear introduced these ridiculously hot full featured shorts at IML this year and they sold out the same weekend. It's taken months to restock (and for us to get our hands on them) but they're here! These fetish shorts feature mesh front pouch and rear panels and fully functional front and rear zippers (hence the title "service") and they even include a handy pocket for your party favors.
New color! Papi Jockstrap 3-pack
2016-12-05 : New color! Papi Jockstrap 3-pack
If you're looking for a great no-nonsense fashion jock then Papi's got you covered. In fact Papi knows you're going to love them so much, they've packaged them in threes for one low price. Joining the existing three packs on offer (red-blue-black, 3xwhite, sky-royal-navy) is this all new color combination. Now you can get a three pack which includes one black jock, one light grey jock and one dark grey jock.
PUMP! Big League and UpperCut Jocks and Briefs
2016-12-03 : PUMP! Big League and UpperCut Jocks and Briefs
Just added two new styles to our PUMP!collection and why not? It's only one of our best selling collections due partly to the (mostly) big bold colors, modern fabrics and expert craftsmanship but also because it's all pretty inexpensive. Where Big League is sports in red white and blue, Upper Cut is sophisticated and subtle in black, even the PUMP! on the waistband is subtle as it's black on black outlined in red. Both new styles come in a jockstrap or a brief.
Nasty Pig NSTYPG Shorts
2016-11-05 : Nasty Pig NSTYPG Shorts
Don't worry, we found your new favorite do everything short, whether it's for sweating out, going out or hanging out, the Nasty Pig NSTYPG short is it. Made with a super comfy fleece so they're perfect chilling on the couch while binge watching your favorite Netflix series but because they're a slim fit, in serious jet black and end right above the knee, you can dress them up. Just grab your Nasty Pig Ringer Tee and favorite pair of combat boots and hit the street (or club).
Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym and Track Short (new colors)
2016-10-30 : Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym and Track Short (new colors)
It's been quite a while since we launched both the Jack Adams Air Mesh Gym Shorts and Air Mesh Track Shorts and both styles are still selling like hot cakes so it was a no-brainer to bring in more colors of these awesome and decidely sexy shorts. Although both styles are made with Jack Adams' awesome Air Mesh, they differ in many ways: The Gym Shorts are unlined, slightly see-through and provide lots of upshort exposure opurtunities. The Track short although fully lined get's their sexy quotient from the fact they're VERY short with leg slits for enhanced movement. In many bold color combos.
Cellblock 13 Fusion Gear featuring U Bulge Technology
2016-10-22 : Cellblock 13 Fusion Gear featuring U Bulge Technology
CellBlock13 is back with another phenomenal collection filled with features that will make you VERY popular. The "Fusion" underwear collection consists of a jockstrap, jock brief and short that can be worn either as under or outer wear (if you dare!) all with Cellblock 13's "U Bulge" system and a pouch made of a slick n' shiny perforated leather-look fabric which not only stretches and molds to your junk but is quite see-through where your dick and balls press up against it.
Maskulo Wrestling Singlet - New Color
2016-10-20 : Maskulo Wrestling Singlet - New Color
Maskulo's Wrestling Singlet now comes in electric-blue! It's a full featured, totally hot sport fetish singlet with removable codpiece and easy access rear entry, is perfect for that next kink fueled wrestling session. Whether you're grappling, tackling, or getting ready to be pinned, Maskulo's edgy design is the sure fire way to get your body slammed... Inside or outside of the ring.
Maskulo Forearm Guard Wallets
2016-10-19 : Maskulo Forearm Guard Wallets
Complete your Maskulo armor (and store your valuables) with the Maskulo padded Forearm Guard Wallet. These arm guards with their leather-look padding run from your wrist to your forearm with easy open snaps on the inner arm and drawstring laceup all the way from wrist to forearm to adjust to your arm and ensure the perfect fit. Behind the laceup is expanding backing fabric. The best part is inside is a sleeve to hold your money, party tickets and condoms.
Nasty Pig Slashed Jockstraps Briefs and Socks
2016-10-15 : Nasty Pig Slashed Jockstraps Briefs and Socks
Nasty Pig is back with an all new collection callsed Slashed. It's sports fetish meets street style consisting of jockstraps and underwear made with Nasty Pig's signature ribbed cotton and the collection includes matching socks for a complete look. What really makes this collection stand out is the big grungy graffiti styled NASTY PIG logo front and center of the underwear and down each side of the leg for the socks. It's an edgy new look for Nasty Pig and we love it.
Nasty Pig Ringer Tees
2016-10-06 : Nasty Pig Ringer Tees
It's Fall 2016 and Nasty Pig is being relentless, first with their XLR8 Collection, then the new Union Suits and now these incredible edgy and totally unique head-turning Trap Ringer Tees. You really got to look close to figure out what's going on: NP is layering: mixing a solid dark olive-green inner layer complete with iconic NP pig logo front and center but where it really gets interesting is with a second outer layer consisting of a wide contrasting black mesh to great, almost shimmering effect not to mention it hangs just right.
You Can Never Get Enough PUMP!
2016-09-24 : You Can Never Get Enough PUMP!
It's a no-brainer, when a brand is as popular as PUMP! has been the only thing to do is bring in more so we did and we got our crazy hot model Seamus back in to show all the new gear off to perfection. There's jockstraps, briefs and socks (in packs of two). Joining our forever-growing collection are two all-new jockstraps and two new briefs (the brief counterpart to our all-time best selling jockstraps, Frost and Fever). We got our devishly handsome Irish model Seamus to do the modeling honors so head over to our PUMP! department and enjoy the view!
Nasty Pig 2016 Union Suits are Here!
2016-09-22 : Nasty Pig 2016 Union Suits are Here!
They're back for 2016 (and with an awesome new color, army green) but in limited supply! Keep in mind, these are seasonal items, NP usually only does one run and we sold out almost immediately last year so snag them early so you're not left out in the cold. It doesn't get more masculine than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man. Nasty Pig's union suit respects the aesthetics but improves on the union suit in every way. Instead of the traditional flannel, Nasty Pig uses their signature super-soft, top quality lightly ribbed spandex/cotton underwear fabric with snap closures that runs down the front, all the way under the crotch and around to the back - to just above the butt - is an innovative back closure solution, way sexier than the traditional ones. Check out our exhibitionist Adam Stray and Caleb King model the new suits and demonstrate their potential (NSFW!).
Nasty Pig XLR8 Jocks, Briefs and Socks featuring model Seamus
2016-08-29 : Nasty Pig XLR8 Jocks, Briefs and Socks featuring model Seamus
The latest collection from Nasty Pig is here and this time around It's slick and it's modern yet they're paying their respects to one of our all-time favorite Nasty Pig jocks of years past, the Touchdown Jock. With the iconic pig logo front and center and Nasty Pig in a bold and 3d font. But the best, and this is what accelerates it to the ranks of Nasty Pig's best is the fabric - unlike the cotton of it's predecessor, this one is made from Modal, one of the best modern fabrics out there. It's ridiculously soft to the touch, maintains it's color when washed, breathes like cotton and yet it's tough as nails. Check them and our new model Seamus out!
Magic Silk Jockstraps - Treat Your Boys
2016-08-16 : Magic Silk Jockstraps - Treat Your Boys
Smooth, soft and luxurious. All that and more - Magic Silk's updated all-silk jockstraps are here. This 100% silk jockstrap will make your boys happy with the brushed silk caressing them. Don't kid yourself, these are not support jocks, but where they lack in support they make up for it with their feel good factor. The generous contoured pouch means you will hang naturally, it's unconfining while the silk cradles your bulge.
OMG! Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access 3D Cod Piece
2016-08-04 : OMG! Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access 3D Cod Piece
Just arrived (and still exclusively available in North America at Jockstrap Central). Designed to emphasize your most valuable assets these hug-your-body Maskulo Open Back Leggings feel like a second skin. With the leather-look super-3D formed pouch (open at the top for easy exit) and leather look thigh and calf padding they're sure to get you noticed. It's sports fetish on steroids.
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