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There's always something new going on at Jockstrap Central. Whether it's adding new products, discovering new models, releasing exclusive galleries, hosting contests and promotions there's always a reason to check our what's new page for the latest info. Of course, the best way to keep up with Jockstrap Central is to sign up to our Newsletter.
Nasty Pig Swimwear is Here
2015-03-24 : Nasty Pig Swimwear is Here
We've decided to add swimwear to the Jockstrap Central lineup so it only made sense to choose swimwear from our best selling brand Nasty Pig to test the waters. Known for their street cool styles and high quality constructions, we know they're going to fly swim.We've got two form fitting bikini styles (Knockout or Wave Bikini) or a fitted Layback Swim Trunk so there's something for everyone.
Sukrew Full Pouched and Full Frontal Underwear
2015-03-05 : Sukrew Full Pouched and Full Frontal Underwear
Sukrew, standing for Sexual Unity Crew has taken the UK by storm - and now we're proud to be the first to offer Sukrew this side of the Atlantic. There's a trunk, brief, jock and brief hybrid and some let-it-all-hang-out full-frontal underwear. This enhancing underwear and is not just some underwear with a gimmick, it's quality all the way with it's striking fabrics, double stitching, impeccable craftsmanship and unique paneled construction that ensures they fit like a glove.
Bike #10 Jockstrap - Vintage Throwback Edition
2015-03-03 : Bike #10 Jockstrap - Vintage Throwback Edition
We thought they were gone for good, but Bike Europe has re-released this incredible "Throwback Edition" of their Bike #10 Jockstrap that's as close to the original produced first in 1874 as possible. They made only 6000 a year or so ago and that was going to be the only run, but due to the incredible response and constant begging, they've decided to do another run. The last time we sold out in a matter of days so keep that in mind. Snap them up quickly!
Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Moonshine and Shorts
2015-02-19 : Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Moonshine and Shorts
Two of Male Power's best selling items are their Moonshine (a combination of a brief and jockstrap) and their zipper short, well they've just updated both styles adding a front zipper to the Moonshine and making them both in a soft, slinky and stunning striped fabric in either slate-blue and black. Be sure to check out our hot and hunky model Tristian giving the Radical Sport collection a go.
Nasty Pig Imprint Jockstraps and Briefs
2015-02-05 : Nasty Pig Imprint Jockstraps and Briefs
Nasty Pig is back with Imprint, their first collection for 2015 and it's a stripped down back to basics collection of low rise jockstraps and briefs. This is pure Nasty Pig and is sure to become the new classic. As Nasty Pig says, black and white never goes out of style, it's a classic look that always feels modern and it goes with everything you own. Bold and sexy designs guaranteed to leave a high impact impression. Check out our fan favorite model Trent taking Imprint for a test drive.
Intymen Fill-it Jockstrap
2015-02-01 : Intymen Fill-it Jockstrap
Our best selling enhancing jockstrap is now back in stock, it's the Intymen Fill-it Jockstrap with it's unique double pouch push-up system that ensures you've got a bulge and you're not afraid to show it. In four awesome colors: black, white, red or blue.
Todd Sanfield Jockstraps and Underwear
2015-01-21 : Todd Sanfield Jockstraps and Underwear
Most of you probably know Todd Sanfield the model, but you may not know he's not just a handsome face (with a spectacular body) he's also an underwear designer who has created a collection of underwear that is the perfect marriage of style and function. Whether it's the jock, brief or trunk, comfort is key in each design. You can now get the entire collection at Jockstrap Central.
Pulse Sheer Wrestling Singlets
2015-01-20 : Pulse Sheer Wrestling Singlets
Pulse Sheer Wresting Singlets sell like hot cakes. They sell so well that we can't keep them in stock and the supplier is so inconsistent that when we run out, we run out for months and even a year once. We managed to get our hands on a new singlet designs: Spain. We only have a few in available so if you want one, get them now.
Raw Studio Swim Jocks
2015-01-08 : Raw Studio Swim Jocks
Yes, these are jockstraps designed for the beach or pool using an Extra Long Life Lycra that lasts 5 to 10 times longer in chlorinated water and retains it's color in the scorching sun. Life life on the wild side with the patterned Deco Swim Jocks or go for the subtle, streamlined and stylish solid color ones. Of course, if you're not daring enough to wear them outside, they also work as comfortable and stylish fashion jocks.
Cellblock 13 Enforcer Jocks and Underwear are Here
2014-12-05 : Cellblock 13 Enforcer Jocks and Underwear are Here
Cellblock 13 is back with the super stylish and edgy Enforcer Collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, trunks and briefs further strengthening their position as the top designer of sport fetish gear. With modern colors, hi-tech fabrics and a fresh new cruising font logo that signifies that we live so fast and our undergear compliments that lifestyle. If seeing the new styles alone isn't enough to tempt you over to see it, then how about clicking on over simply to see our new model Xander. He's this hot, dirty, boy-next-door type with killer eyes and a tight body.
Junk Stellar Jockstraps and Trunks
2014-10-21 : Junk Stellar Jockstraps and Trunks
Junk is back and shining brightly with it's all new line of jockstraps and trunks called Stellar. These stunning looking line are loaded with features including ergonomic pouches that are double walled for extra durability. The thin horizontal stripes look spectacular but also highlight the contours of your bulge. This the launch of this line also marks the debut of our sexy and irresistible model Matt. Check him out in all twelve new Stellar designs in our exclusive high resolution photography.
Nasty Pig Union Suits are Back!
2014-10-16 : Nasty Pig Union Suits are Back!
(Snap them up quickly, they sold out last year - don't be left out in the cold.)It doesn't get more masculine than this. Union suits conjure up images of the working man. Nasty Pig's union suits respect the aesthetics of tradition but improves on the union suit in every way with tailored fit and ultra-sexy snaps running from the chest, down around the crotch and running back up to just above the bum - we're sure you're thinking of all the possibilities.
Nasty Pig Champ Jockstraps, Briefs, Sock and Long Johns
2014-09-27 : Nasty Pig Champ Jockstraps, Briefs, Sock and Long Johns
Nasty Pig's latest sports fetish Champ range of jockstraps, briefs, socks and long johns is here and we know they're going to fly off the shelves. It not only looks great, feels great because the jocks and briefs are made with Modal, but it's Nasty Pig so you know they're built to last.
Blue Line Pro-Mesh and V-Neck Tank Tops
2014-09-20 : Blue Line Pro-Mesh and V-Neck Tank Tops
We launched a sexy range of tank tops from Blue Line. Three are made from a very sheer, see-through micro-mesh and two are solid but all five feel amazing and they're all very inexpensive ranging in price between $14 and $20 each. They having matching jockstrap which we launched a while back.
DT is back! All New Jockstraps and Jock Briefs
2014-09-12 : DT is back! All New Jockstraps and Jock Briefs
We used to carry DT and even though they were a best seller for us, the company was near impossible to work with so we dropped them. Well the good news is that they've been bought out and under new management so they've reclaimed their proper spot on Jockstrap Central's shelves. Although all their underwear is pretty awesome, It shouldn't surprise you but we're relaunching DT with a new jockstrap and jock brief. Check out the Essential Collection.
Junk Underjeans Stealth Jock
2014-08-29 : Junk Underjeans Stealth Jock
New underwear designer Junk Underjeans has just joined Jockstrap Central's roster of awesome fashion jockstrap. These uber-stylish, almost futuristic jockstraps are not just about style, with their incredible A+ construction and their incredibly reasonable pricing, Junk is a must have in your collection.
Junk Underjeans Stealth Trunk
2014-08-28 : Junk Underjeans Stealth Trunk
We loved Junk so much, we not only brought in the jockstrap but the Trunk as well. With all the features and qualities of the jock except in a trunk.
Raw Studio Second Coming
2014-08-14 : Raw Studio Second Coming
Exclusive to Jockstrap Central brand Raw Studio is back with 7 new sexy and outrageous new mesh jockstraps and ball lifters. Just be warned, this gear is smoking hot and the photos of our models Ryan Russell and spence are definitely not safe for work.
Pistol Pete Mesh Chevron Jock
2014-07-31 : Pistol Pete Mesh Chevron Jock
This is the second of our mesh Pistol Pete jockstraps, this one is the Chevron which gets it's name from the V detailing on the front mesh pouch. The mesh in this one is more subtle but adds a welcome ventilation.
Pistol Pete Mesh Avalon Jock
2014-07-30 : Pistol Pete Mesh Avalon Jock
Just launched two new mesh jockstraps from Pistol Pete. This first one is unique in that the pouch has vertical stripes. Of course that doesn't sound unique until you realize the stripes are perforated making the jockstrap see-through.
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