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Hand crafted and exclusive to Jockstrap Central. We launched Raw Studio almost eight years ago and due to the excellent craftsmanship, innovative designs and unique fabrics it quickly became one of best selling product lines of all time. Due to a business partnership issue, they closed shop prematurely. Needless to say, we were disappointed to lose such an awesome brand. Well the good news is after a six year hiatus, Raw Studio is back and better than ever with totally new designs, improved fabrics and comfort waistbands - and once again, the line is exclusive to us.

Raw Studio is a local designer in Toronto. Each garment is expertly hand crafted and designs are all limited editions using only the finest materials.

Raw Studio Espionage Mesh Ball-lifter Jockstrap
color: Green Camouflage Mesh
price: $24.00 USD

Raw Studio Raw Studio Cadet Jockstrap
color: Olive-green
price: $24.00 USD

Raw Studio Cadet-in-training Ball-lifter Jockstrap
color: olive-green
price: $24.00 USD

Raw Studio Cock Ring and Ball Splitter
color: Black
price: $20.00 USD

Raw Studio Military Jock Brief
color: Military Jock Brief
price: $34.00 USD

Raw Studio Recruit Jockstrap
color: Recruit Jockstrap
price: $29.00 USD

Raw Studio G.I. Joe Jockstrap
color: G.I. Joe Jockstrap
price: $29.00 USD

Raw Studio Commando Ball-lifter
color: Commando Ball-lifter
price: $18.00 USD

Raw Studio Polka Mesh Jockstrap
color: Black Solid and Mesh
price: $22.00 $13.20 USD

Raw Studio Polka Mesh Jockstrap
color: White Solid and Mesh
price: $22.00 $13.20 USD

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