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Raw Studio Y-Jock Detail 1
Raw Studio Y-Jock Detail 2
Raw Studio Y-Jock
Navy-blue - 92% Microfiber 8% Elastine
After an 6 year hiatus, Raw Studio has had a resurrection (or should we say res-erection). They've come back better than ever and they're still exclusive to Jockstrap Central

The Y-jock is a full featured jock with unique design elements and big sexy twist. The front consists of a streamlined brief style panel shaped like the top of a Y (hence the name) that seems to hang off the waistband. A contoured pouch design plus luxurious Microfiber and Elastane fabric with four-way stretch ensure comfort and a perfect fit. Black elastic edging maintains shape while hugging the legs and emphasizing your bulge. A cutout is formed between the waistband and the top of the y showing off your pubes and providing a sexy escape route for your shaft (see our photos for a demonstration)

Includes a unique one and one quarter inch two toned silver and black comfort waistband that's not only sturdy, provides excellent stretch but adds a stunning design element to the jockstrap.

Half inch leg straps connect to the front panel running parallel to the waistband until they get to the back when they swoop down around your legs and reconnect with the base of the pouch.

What's remarkable is that a handcrafted jockstrap with craftsmanship this high and a design so unique is as affordable as it is.
22.00 USD now only $15.40 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
color: Black with Red
price: $32.00 USD

color: Black
price: $9.95 USD

color: Red
price: $9.95 USD

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