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Omtex Gym Supporter Detail 1
Omtex Gym Supporter Detail 2
Omtex Gym Supporter
White - 95% cotton 5% lycra
Like our phenomenal Wolf jocks, these Omtex ones are incredibly comfortable and durable which only makes sense as they are made by the same company.

These Omtex Supporters have a sturdy 3 inch wide comfortable ribbed elastic waistband and 1 inch wide elastic leg straps but their most notable feature is a double walled cotton pouch not only for extra comfort but also to help soak up all the extra moisture and sweat from those heavy workout sessions.

Both Wolf and Omtex supporters are phenomenal, it really comes down to personal preference. The Wolf waistband seems a bit more taut, the Omtex leg strap is a bit wider (and elastic instead of elasticized fabric) and the Omtex pouch is made of two layers of cotton. They're both very affordable so try them both.

Please note:

Omtex has made a slight change to the label on the front of these jockstraps. In our opinion, it looks better. The current photos do not show this new label but we will be producing and uploading new photos shortly.
9.95 USD now only $7.96 USD
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color: Royal
price: $29.90 $25.42 USD

color: Black
price: $14.95 $12.71 USD

color: Red
price: $28.00 $25.20 USD

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