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Male Power Extreme Ladder Thong Detail 1
Male Power Extreme Ladder Thong Detail 2
Male Power Extreme Ladder Thong
Ladder Thong - 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
This total exposure collection of jocks, jock briefs and thongs from Male Power all include rings, things, gizmos and gadgets for added fun and excitement. There's 6 designs in total, be sure to collect them all.

The Extreme Ladder Thong get it's name from the front pouch: It's made of a slinky and shiny contoured almost 3d pouch and the spandex content gives it lots of stretch. However, the real fun begins with the cutout that would otherwise expose everything you've got except a "ladder" is formed by a series of half inch horizontal elastic straps with enough space in between to see lots of skin. Of course the best thing is this jock's display versatility: As you can see from our photos, you can wear your dick down, leaving only a hint of what lies in store. Feeling more daring and you can wear your dick straight up, held upright by the ladder. Finally, when it's time to bare all, choose an opening and let it all hang out.

Adding a bit of style is two half inch elastic straps running midway from either side of the pouch and joining the waistband above forming a V. Turn the model around and you'll find a single thong strap running down through the cheeks and joining the base of the front pouch. Finally, a 3/4 inch fabric wrapped elastic waistband finishes it all off.
20.95 USD now only $18.86 USD
color: Black
price: $20.00 USD

color: Green and Black
price: $42.00 USD

color: Grey
price: $59.00 USD

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