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California designer Go Softwear creates underwear, sportswear and jockstraps. Their name is ironic, as soft is not the word comes to mind when you look at their designs. Whether it's a mesh jockstrap or stylish men's underwear, think sexy casual and sporty with a little bit of naughty thrown into the mix, and you have Go Softwear.

Be sure to check out their sister company American Jock for some awesome sportswear and jockstraps.

Go Softwear Streak Jock
color: Olive / Surf-green
price: $20.00 $15.00 USD

Go Softwear Suspensory Jock
color: White
price: $20.00 USD

Go Softwear Suspensory Jock
color: Black
price: $20.00 USD

Go Softwear Snap Jock
color: White
price: $22.00 USD

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