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A display jockstrap is a modern invention that strips away the jockstrap's original intention of support and comfort and turns it into erotic fashion underwear designed to display your genitals. While still having the traditional straps of a jockstrap, the pouch is generally deconstructed or missing all together.

This sort of jock strips away all function and is represented by jockstrap designers like Male Power, PPU and Good Devil.


Sukrew Red/Black FV Brief (Jockstrap)
color: Red and Black
price: $32.00 USD

Male Power Extreme Prolong Panel Jock
color: Prolong Panel Jock
price: $18.95 $16.11 USD

Male Power Extreme Ring Jock
color: Ring Jock
price: $22.95 $19.51 USD

Male Power Extreme Double Ring Jock
color: Double Ring Jock
price: $26.95 $22.91 USD

Male Power Extreme Prolong Jock
color: Prolong Jock
price: $26.95 $22.91 USD

Raw Studio C-Scoop Ball Lifter
color: Black
price: $14.00 $11.90 USD

Good Devil Ballz-out Jock
color: White
price: $21.00 $6.30 USD

Male Power Cyclops Jockstrap
color: Black
price: $19.95 $16.96 USD

Go Softwear Suspensory Jock
color: Black
price: $20.00 $14.00 USD

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