A reassuring message from Jockstrap Central

I'm sure you've heard all the hoopla over the Heartbleed vulnerability that has put internet users passwords and personal details at risk on countless websites. We'd like to address this and any concerns you may have with your safety with shopping at Jockstrap Central.

The good news is shopping with us is and has been safe and secure. From the start, we made a decision to not store our customers credit card details and use an accredited payment proccessor called Beanstream to handle all transactions. Beanstream is used by many big name companies and organization we all know. Best Buy, Equifax, Future Shop and a multitude of government entities are just a few of them. We spoke Beanstream this morning and found out that they were NOT affected by the Heartbleed bug as they don't use the ssl technology with the issue.

Our server management company which hosts the Jockstrap Central website does use the technology in question but they patched it days ago as soon as the issue came to light. As we don't have a customer area and don't require logging in, any risk shopping at Jockstrap Central was minuscule and now, non existent.

Although low risk, we do allow customers to opt into saving their shipping details during checkout. Although there's not much anyone could do with that information, if you're at all concerned, you can go to this page and change your password.

So to recap: Shopping with us is completely safe and secure and even before the discovery of the Heartbleed bug, there was very little risk and the available data to hackers unimportant.

As for other websites, there are a lot of major (Google, Facebook, Pinterest) and minor sites that were affected by this bug. The best course of action is to find out if the websites you use (and have accounts with) were at risk and once you've found out if they've fixed the bug then change your passwords.

Here's a webpage you can use to test a site to see if it's safe (type in jockstrapcentral.com to test our website):