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McKillop Unisex Face Mask - Pink

McKillop Unisex Face Mask
McKillop Unisex Face MaskMcKillop Unisex Face Mask
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McKillop Unisex Face Mask McKillop Unisex Face Mask
McKillop Unisex Face Mask
Color: Pink
Product#: 38907
Manufacturer#: CBPP-WH2
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Self-isolation is always the best option but when you do have do go out it has been recommended by various governments and health officials around the world to wear a face mask - not only to protect yourself but mostly to protect others. As a bonus, they also help prevent touching your nose and mouth.

Keep in mind: These masks have not been tested by scientists or medical professionals. McKillop did, however, conduct tests on various fabrics to find the best candidate to ensure that air penetrated the 2 layers but water and other liquids did not. They determined Polypropylene was the most effective. (Check out the final photo to see the mask fabric containing the liquid and not entering the glass).

These washable and reusable masks are made two layers of the above mentioned Polypropylene fabric with piping along the edges. They're shaped using a system of darts along the sides and under the chin plus they're contoured up and over your nose. Two sets of elastics tie behind your head to ensure a tight fit. Once tied, you can leave them that way as the elastics have enough stretch to take the mask off and back on as you need it.

Again, These are Not N95 Quality Masks, McKillop is not a laboratory and do not claim to be medical professionals in the testing of masks against the Covid-19 Virus.

Here's more details:
  • (2 layer Face Mask) Polypropylene-Non Woven (Not N95)
  • 9? by 6? Face Mask with 3 darts along the sides and one under your chin for a smooth tight seal.
  • Contoured up and over your nose.
  • 4 x 10? pieces of durable elastics to be tied to your desired length at the back of your head - both above and below your ears.
  • Ample stretch in the elastic to remove the Mask.
  • Tie tight enough for a good seal but not too tight.
  • Hand wash with soap and water.

Other Colors Available:
White, Yellow

$10.00 USD
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