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Raw Studio Fishnet Strapless Sock - Black Fisnhet

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Raw Studio Fishnet Strapless Sock Detail 1
Raw Studio Fishnet Strapless Sock Detail 2
Raw Studio Fishnet Strapless Sock
Black Fisnhet - 92% Microfiber 8% Elastine
Raw Studio's back with a new collection fittingly called Flaunt it, full of bulge boosting gear and full-frontal designs to show off everything you've got.

The Sheer Strapless Sock is a simple yet ingenious design consisting of a waistband and suspended pouch and nothing else. Think jockstrap without the leg straps. Other sock style underwear, while definitely sexy, aren't normally well designed - they tend to fall off with just a slight movement. Raw Studio, however, took on this design challenge head on (pun intended) and came out on first. With a super contoured pouch and a short cut elastic, together they form a cup with a small opening to cradle your boys to perfection, the elastic sits high behind the balls. The best part is because there's no straps pulling the pouch down, you're able to hang naturally and free with an awesome bulge.

If the design alone wasn't sexy enough, this Strapless Sock is made with a fishnet mesh and quite see-through.

As they say, if you've got it Flaunt it!

* Raw Studio designs are all expertly hand crafted and exclusive to us.
16.00 USD
color: Blue
price: $37.00 $33.30 USD

color: Fixed
price: $14.00 USD

color: Blue
price: $15.00 USD

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