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PPU Sheer Shaft Jockstrap - Red Sheer

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PPU Sheer Shaft Jockstrap Detail 1
PPU Sheer Shaft Jockstrap Detail 2
PPU Sheer Shaft Jockstrap
Red Sheer - 94% Nylon 6% Spandex
Although PPU doesn't give their creations names, we do and we're calling this one the PPU Shaft Jock for fairly obvious reasons. It's a sexy jockstraps in either a conservative (not really!) solid fabric or this hide nothing sheer version both with a unique criss-cross lifting effect. Sheer or solid, your full manhood is on full display. Here's the details

PPU Sheer Shaft Jock:

It's like a ball-lifter and shaft display suit all-in-one. With a white and red elastic criss-cross loop suspended from the waistband and the hole formed from the loop filled in with a sheer contoured stretchy fabric sheeth in red. The loop provides a bit of lift and the sheath provides nothing really other than a sexy way to show off your junk. The effect, however is pretty spectacular.

With a plushed one-inch wide comfort waitband in white with repeating PPU logo in grey woven into the band and equally soft 1 inch wide white elastic leg straps with a slim red stripe to finish it all off.

As for fit: looks best with a semi or full erection. Our model Andrew has a pretty large cock and decent sized balls and fit him well but if you have HUGE balls it may be a tight fit.

Just remember, it's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out.

24.00 USD
color: Purple
price: $56.00 $33.60 USD

color: Titan
price: $29.00 USD

color: Black
price: $36.95 USD

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