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PPU Slim Jockstrap - White and Black

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PPU Slim Jockstrap Detail 1
PPU Slim Jockstrap Detail 2
PPU Slim Jockstrap
White and Black - 96% Cotton 4% Spandex
Our latest jockstrap from PPU is a welcome fashion forward jockstrap with a slim, sleek and streamlined pouch made of cotton with a hint of spandex. And as expected with PPU jocks, the Slim Jock is super affordable.

With a narrow pouch made of a super-soft brushed cotton. It's contoured but only has a bit of stretch so days of the sloppy pouch are history. For a stylish touch, it has a line of contrasting vertical double-stitching down the center of the pouch with contrasting piping edging the jock - all drawing attention to your bulge - always a good thing!

It's a comfort first jock with a one-and-a quarter inch wide super relaxed waistband and one inch wide legstraps.

Fit: For all you guys who phone us up looking for a jock with a smaller pouch, this is the jock you've been waiting for. Although our model Kaine (in the photos) is fairly well endowed and managed to squeeze everything in, he probably wouldn't want to wear it for extended periods of time. But he really is much larger than average.
16.50 USD
color: Red
price: $19.00 USD

color: Red (modal)
price: $18.00 USD

color: Red
price: $49.00 USD

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