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CellBlock 13 Uniform Crew Sock - Red

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CellBlock 13 Uniform Crew Sock
Color: Red
Product#: 33825
Manufacturer#: A044
Material: 80% Cotton 17% Polyester 3% Spandex
The Uniform Crew Sock is no-nonsense sports sock that's perfect on the field, at the gym or simply as daily wear. In black with detailing in all your favorite fetish colors - blue, red, yellow or white.

The "crew" style is a bit shorter than most of Cellblock 13's knee-high sports socks, for most guys, the top will land just a few inches below the knee.

In black with contrasting heel, toes and single horizontal sports stripe at the very top. CELLBLOCK 13 in black across the top of the toes. Also with contrasting CB on the back of the left leg and 13 on the right - and if that didn't make it clear, there's also a handy L for left and R for right woven right into the design.

In our photos, Andrew has the Uniform Crew Socks paired up with our recently introduced Cellblock 13 Viper II Jockstrap in burgundy.
Other Colors Available:
Blue, White, Yellow

$16.00 USD
Choose Size:
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