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CellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap - Green

CellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper JockstrapCellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap CellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap
Color: Green
Product#: 33422
Manufacturer#: CBU221
Material: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Harness your inner deviant with Cellblock 13's latest and arguably hottest collection yet for 2021. It's a new take on Rogue, one of CB13's most popular collections from a few years back. Except, this time they've upped the ante by making the new collection more stylish with the addition of reflective detailing and made hotter with the addition of a functional zipper in the jockstrap. Meet Rogue X (or as we're calling it, Rogue XXX).

Rogue X is a sports fetish collection of gear featuring an iconic CB13 jockstrap and a very versatile harness.

Here's the details on the jockstrap:

Rogue X Reflective Zipper Jockstrap is a true homage to the original Rogue Jockstrap but this new one not only has reflective detailing in the pouch design but also a functional zipper. It's classic Cellblock 13 that's quality all the way. With a main pouch color and upper reflective corners divided by black piping that matches the piping edging the pouch.

And then there's the zipper: Running all the way down the pouch with a protective backing to ensure your tackle doesn't get caught when you're called into action.

The masculine waistband is a full two inches wide, it's plushed for comfort with large front and center CELLBLOCK 13 woven right into the band with horizontal contrasting sports striping. One final CB13 touch: the one inch wide leg straps are subtly embossed with a repeating Cellblock 13 logo. Just wow!

Don't forget, this jockstrap is part of a collection. Be sure to pick up the matching Rogue X Neoprene Reflective Harness.

Jockstrap sold separately
Other Colors Available:
Black, Blue, Red, White

$34.00 USD now only $25.50 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
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