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CellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene Harness - Black

CellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene Harness
CellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene HarnessCellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene Harness
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene Harness CellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene Harness
CellBlock 13 Cyclone Neoprene Harness
Color: Black
Product#: 33330
Manufacturer#: CBS151
Material: 100% Neoprene
Hope you're ready for it, cuz Cyclone has come crashing in. In this case, it's Cellblock 13's latest collection of jockstraps and thongs with a stunning textured neoprene rubber harness to complete the look.

The Cellblock 13 Cyclone Harness is essentially a revamped version of CB13's best-selling Legion Harness replacing the smooth neoprene of Legion with an incredible modern snakeskin texture. With a full back panel of this texture neoprene, the look is unreal!

Here's more details: The main feature is the back panel. It's unique shape is designed to show off your back as it splits into straps that head over your shoulders and also under your armpits. In front, two boomerang pieces of neoprene hook up to the straps coming from the back both with D rings at the top of your shoulders and sizing buckles under your pits. More straps travel down and hook up to metal swivel hook you can connect up
to any of the Cellblock 13 Cylone Jockstraps or Cellblock 13 Clyone Thongs, any other Cellblock 13 jocks or underwear with included d-rings or simply hook it up to the loops on your favorite pair of jeans.

With the two buckles and 4 spaced out eyelets and the lower snaps, the harness is fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

Be sure to pick up the matching Cellblock 13 Cylone Jockstrap and Cellblock 13 Cylone Thong seen on our model Evan in our photos.

*Jockstraps and Thongs Sold Separately!

$62.00 USD
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