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CellBlock 13 Legion Jock Pouch - Grey

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CellBlock 13 Legion Jock Pouch
Color: Grey
Product#: 33229
Manufacturer#: CBU132
Material: 100% Neoprene and Elastic
Up until now, Cellblock 13 Sonic held the title for hottest gear going. Well move over Sonic, our newly launched Cellblock 13 Legion Collection is here and it's going to blow your mind. With a unique and sexy harness and gravity defying jock pouch combination that's pretty legendary. It's all made with an incredible smooth and stretchy neoprene rubber in black - the jock pouches have contrasting detailing in either grey, blue, green, red or purple. Bar none, this is the most visually stunning and sexiest gear CB13 has come out with yet - and that's saying a lot! Here's the details:

In the, the Cellblock 13 Legion Jock Pouch has a super-soft, smooth and stretchy black neoprene pouch with a single contrasting vertical racing stripe in grey. It's contrasting not only in color but also in texture as the center stripe is foamed. Beside the stretch, the pouch is super-contoured to ensure you're always bulging just right. Includes a very fine reflective piping on each side of the center stripe.

Above the pouch is a horizontal band also in neoprene with attached D rings on each side. Elastic straps run from D rings around to the back then follow the path of a traditional jock and eventually hook up to the base of the front pouch between your legs. Think of it as a jockstrap without the waistband. The quality and attention to detail is ridiculous with sturdy piping edging the pouch and upper band, metal rivets and heavy duty stitching keep it all together. Sturdy black leg elastics hold everything in place plus the elastics have a contrasting and repeating make-a-statement CELLBLOCK 13 logo in grey woven right into it.

Defying gravity: Although this "jock" has leg straps, there's no waistband to keep it all secure but don't worry, just attach the matching Legion harness to keep it from falling down around your ankles (unless of course that's what you want). Most other CB13 harnesses (like Sonic, Rogue or Arsenal) will also do the trick.

Be sure to snag the matching Cellblock 13 Legion Harness (sold separately) for the complete look.

Harness and Jock Pouches Sold Seperately
Other Colors Available:
Blue, Green, Purple

$44.00 USD now only $30.80 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
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