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CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock Brief - Orange

CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock Brief
CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock BriefCellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock Brief
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock Brief CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock Brief
CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jock Brief
Color: Orange
Product#: 33058
Manufacturer#: CBU044
Material: 77% Cotton 17% Polyester 6% Spandex
Cellblock 13 is back with the Enforcer collection of jockstraps, jock briefs and underwear further strengthening their position as the top designer of sport fetish gear. With modern colors, hi-tech fabrics and a fresh new cruising font logo that signifies that we live so fast and our undergear compliments that lifestyle. By now we probably don't need to say it, but we will: Cellblock 13 is the edgier side of Timoteo so you know this gear is made to last.

Just like the Enforcer Brief but with the added bonus of your best ASSet being on display. This low rise streamlined jock brief has a delicious solid black contoured pouch with with contrasting, orange with white edging sports stripe running vertically down the center. Not only does this look awesome, but the stripe defines the contour of your package. The mostly cotton fabric has a generous amount of Poly and Spandex so you've got a awesome fitted pouch but with enough stretch to ensure comfort and wear-ability for long periods of time. Making up the rest of the jock brief, starting from each side of the brief and running all the way around to the back is Cellblock 13's signature perforated stretch mesh in black and being a jock brief, there's a big ol' hole cut out framing your ass. Contrasting elastic orange piping not only edge the leg openings but also the rear cutout. Can you say "Bullseye!"

Finally, the waistband: It's a comfort elastic band with racing stripes in orange, white and black with a brand new italicized Cellblock 13 logo that's retro and modern at the same time.
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$24.00 USD
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