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Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap - Grey

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Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap Detail 1
Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap Detail 2
Full Kit Gear Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap
Grey - Poly Cotton Blend
Color discontinued by Full Kit Gear, if you don't see your size it isn't coming back.

It may be designed for comfort but Full Kit Gear's Sport Jockstrap is masculine in every detail from the black pouch and full three inch wide waistband to the color accents that announce your fetish interests. Here's more details:

A super-soft black poly blend pouch that cradles your kit and stretches when the blood gets flowing yet retains it's shape afterward. Grey stitching runs vertically down the center of the pouch for a stylish touch and as an added bonus, it accents that bulge of yours.

Like we mentioned, this jock has a full-on 3 inch wide black sturdy elastic waistband with a centered FK logo. Structural reinforcement in the form of an extra horizontal contrasting grey stripe running horizontal at the base of the waistband adds visual interest especially where it joins the one inch wide grey leg straps on each side.

This jockstraps works on every level, whether it's at the gym, club or some fetish event.
19.00 USD
color: White
price: $22.00 $18.70 USD

color: Black
price: $36.95 $29.56 USD

color: Shockwave
price: $24.00 $19.20 USD

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