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Magic Silk G-string - Red

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Magic Silk G-string
Color: Red
Product#: 20006
Manufacturer#: 2704
Material: 100% Silk
We've always been a fan of vintage physique photography and modeling so when we saw these silk g-strings from Magic Silk all we could think about is some of those handsome guys from the 40s and 50s in their posing straps and we knew we had to carry them.

Typical of a posing pouch, this product has very minimal coverage and the pouch being made from a light brushed silk means that what is covered is clearly defined leaving very little to the imagination.

The top of the 6 inch wide pouch wraps around the 1/2 inch waistband so you can cinch it in for even less coverage. In the back, a simple 1/2 inch elastic runs from the waistband to the base of the pouch happily splitting (and disappearing into) your ass cheeks.
Other Colors Available:

$15.00 USD
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Magic Silk G-string
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