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Male Power Grip and Rip Off Thong - Black

Male Power Grip and Rip Off Thong
Male Power Grip and Rip Off ThongMale Power Grip and Rip Off Thong
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Male PowerMale Power
Male PowerMale Power
Male Power Grip and Rip Off Thong Male Power Grip and Rip Off Thong
Male Power Grip and Rip Off Thong
Color: Black
Product#: 19079
Manufacturer#: 448-258
Material: 85% Nylon 15% Spandex
Patience is a virtue that few guys possess. No worries, Male Power's new Grip and Rip Jockstraps, Thongs and Briefs have you covered... er... uncovered - just grab the grip strap and rip it off and you'll be totally exposed and ready for action. Here's the details:

The Male Power Grip and Rip Thong is made with a very sexy matte nylon spandex fabric - one that feels great against your boys. It's got four-way stretch and a very generous pouch to accommodate almost everyone. The waistband has a reinforced "grip" strap above the pouch and attaches to the rest of the waistband via Velcro. One swift rip and you're completely exposed.

The ultra-plushed waistband is one-a-one-quarter inches wide with a repeating embossed Male Power logo woven into the band. In back, find a single narrowing strap that begins at the waistband and dives down, disappearing into the crevice between your ass cheeks.

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