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Male Power Torpedo Mesh Jockstrap - Black

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Male Power Torpedo Mesh Jockstrap
Color: Black
Product#: 19057
Manufacturer#: 391-202
Material: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
Get your stud missile into our Male Power Mesh Torpedo Jockstrap and get ready to make an impact! These newly launched jocks are all about your package and showing it off to perfection.

With a black 3D countoured pouch made of a super stretch mesh fabric that's not only see-through but it also molds to your junk so there's no mistaking what you're packing. Even better, the pouch is edged with a grey stretchy piping that sits up under your balls - pushing your boys up and out just like a... torpedo. It may have a smaller pouch than most jocks but the torpeo effect requires it plus you'd be surprised at what it can handle. Our model Oscar is a testament to that as he is huge and it fits him perfectly.

Here's the details: The pouch is made from a incredibly soft to the touch poly/spandex blend which gives it it's stretchability. It's tastefully lined by a quarter inch wide stretchy piping. Includes a super-soft one inch wide grey elastic waistband with a small and subtle Male Power label front and center. Finally, 3/4 inch wide plushed leg straps in grey finish it all off.

Please note, Male Power calls this the Athletic Mesh Jockstrap but we had to rename it. Not only is it not an athletic sports jock but their name completely ignores the sexy, enhancing and exhibitionist qualities of the jock. Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands (like Oscar or Seamus' bulge?)

Although it's totally inexpensive, the Torpedo Jock will make you feel like a million bucks.
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