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PUMP! Frost Jogger - Frost

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PUMP! Frost Jogger Detail 1
PUMP! Frost Jogger Detail 2
PUMP! Frost Jogger
Frost - 64% Nylon 19% Cotton 17% Spandex
Are you ready to get PUMPed? Whether it's at the gym, the office, lounging at home or on a hot date you're going to love wearing these boxers from Canadian designer PUMP! With their bold color combinations and stunning design elements, this underwear is going to get you noticed. Don't think it's all style and no substance, not only are they good looking but they're ultra-comfortable and craftsmanship is A+.

This PUMP! Sonic Jogger is not unlike the PUMP! Touchdown Boxers except with added functional side pockets. Made with combination of white high tech micromesh and panels of both white and baby-blue cotton. The side panels are made of the white micro-mesh, the pouch in a brushed-cotton which is quite thin and practically see-through and the rest is made of a brushed-cotton in baby-blue. baby-blue piping that edges the pouch adds support, defines the pouch and adds a stylish touch. Finally, a full two inch wide plushed comfort waistband with woven and embossed large front and center PUMP! logo, a smaller off-center back PUMP! logo and stylish contrasting racing stripes all in baby-blue and white.

Day or night, this boxer will spice up your look and transfix all eyes on you - this deserves top drawer status.
34.00 USD
color: White
price: $19.00 USD

color: Scarlet
price: $15.95 USD

color: Turquoise
price: $24.95 USD

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