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Jockstrap Central Model Stefano

Stefano ( introducing Stefano )
When Stefano came into the studio we knew we had to get this handsome fitness trainer into some jockstraps. Shooting new models is always a bit of a gamble. Sure, he was handsome with a great body, but a model has to be comfortable enough not only to pose for the camera but also to be comfortable enough to be naked in front of the crew. We shouldn't have worried, Stefano was a pro right from the start. We decided to take a little more artistic approach to his photos with more dramatic lighting, and we think his classic good looks suit the styling. Be warned, Stefano got a bit (ok, a lot) turned on by the photo shoot so there may be an erection or two in this set.

Stefano is wearing the sexy Cheek Boxer and Stretch Jocks from Joe Snyder, a couple of Activeman jocks plus a few mesh jocks from Kinkwear.

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