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Jockstrap Central Model Ryan Russell

Ryan Russell ( outgoing and outrageous )
porn star Ryan Russell gets the award for longest photo shoot ever. There isn't a shy bone in his body so it just made sense to get in some of the more revealing things we had hanging around. We also took the liberty of doing a lot of bonus shots where he's not exactly always wearing the stuff we threw at him. The other great thing about Ryan is his outlook on life. There's always a smile on his face - often rare in the modeling world. Fashion doesn't have to be so serious!

Ryan is wearing the now discontinued Manzone line of underwear, the now discountinued Good Devil Net Jock, the now discontinued Gregg Homme Commando Jock and the Gregg Homme Joxx which for various reasons we decided not to carry. He is, however, wearing the Interymen Fill-it jock which as of the posting of this gallery we do still have in stock. Enjoy Ryan's gallery!

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