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Jockstrap Central Model Mardi

Mardi ( taking hot up a notch )
We've had our eye on Male Power's sexy gear for a while, but we needed the perfect model. Many of our models have limitations on the level of nudity they're comfortable, and we're perfectly fine with that, but when you have crotchless jockstraps to get shot, most models would run away screaming. Luckily, Mardi answered one of our ads. Not only was he comfortable with nudity he's drop dead gorgeous as well. We took advantage (in an entirely professional manner) of him and got him in everything risque we had hanging around. Enjoy his extended gallery!

Mardi is wearing some pretty outrageous jockstraps from Male Power including the crotchless Cyclops Jock. He's also wearing the Activeman Lace-up jockstrap, Go Softwear wrestling singlet and the Joe Snyder Launch Jock.

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