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Fox ( extended gallery and bonus shots )
We tried a new photographer with this shoot and although there were lots of issues we still managed to get some pretty awesome photos out of it. The original gallery was 10 photos but I dug through our files and managed to find a ton more incredible shots of this hot hot guy.

Except for the modern Bike jockstraps, all the jocks and underwear have been discontinued. In case you're wondering, Fox is wearing the S Jock and Net Jock from N2N Bodywear, a harness jock and Fishnet Jock from Zakk. He's also wearing some boxer briefs from a company we never ended up launching. We got a whole bunch of boxer and briefs samples from a company called Koi Boy but by the time we got them shot the company went out of business. At least we got some hot photos out of it!

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