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Jockstrap Central Model Feer

Feer ( fearless and sexy )
We met this totally hot Venezuelan guy at a Best Ass Contest we sponsored at a local bar. When you look at Feer's bum, you'll know why he won. Although he's the total package (and emphasis on the word package), he's got an ass that was just made to model a jockstrap. Luckily for us, he also wasn't shy, so he was also perfect for modeling the totally erotic Gregg Homme forbidden gear. Just be warned, this gallery is definitely Not Safe For Work.

Like we mentioned, he's modeling the (now discontinued) Gregg Homme Forbidden Jock, Brief and Trunk, plus the Activeman Cotton Contour Jock, both the 3 inch and reglular Brown Activeman Jockstraps, the (now discontinued) Joe Snyder Spider Jockstraps and the Joe Snyder Man Up that's supposed to lift you up and push you out, but Feer has such a large heavy set that it really isn't doing it's job that well. Still pretty damn hot as a display suit.

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