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Jockstrap Central Model Danny

Danny ( nothing like a little tease )
Danny was one of our easiest models to work with - and not just on the eyes, he was a dream with absolutely no hang-ups. We spent over 3 hours shooting him and this is just a small taste of what's to come. Although a lot of the gear we got him in is stuff that's not in stock yet, we also took advantage and got some older stuff re-shot. As I'm sure you can tell, our style of photos has changed quite a bit from 3 years ago, so gradually we're re-shooting all the old stuff.

Danny is wearing a number of colored SafeTGard Sports Jockstraps plus a few discontinued N2N Jockstraps, Joe Snyder Stretch Jockstrap and Joe Snyder Cheek Boxer and a few WildmanT jockstraps we never did manage to bring in for various reasons.

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