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Raw Studio Ball Lift Jockstrap Detail 1
Raw Studio Ball Lift Jockstrap Detail 2
Raw Studio Ball Lift Jockstrap
Black Shine - 92% Microfiber 8% Elastine
After an 6 year hiatus, Raw Studio has had a resurrection (or should we say res-erection). They've come back better than ever and they're still exclusive to Jockstrap Central

Looking for a pick me up? Then look no further than Raw Studio's Ball Lift Jock. From the outside, this jockstrap is stunning in it's simplicity, but what lies beneath is a built in cock ring that takes your boys, lifts them up and pushes them forward - ensuring a better bulge. The fabric is a luxuriously soft and shiny four-way stretch microfiber that molds to your package.

The short cut pouch means the fit is perfect using a four-way stretch fabric to hug your junk. Like we mentioned, inside, hanging from the waistband is a elastic loop cut short to provide the lift. Be sure to check out our photos for a NSFW demonstration.

Finally, a unique one and one quarter inch two toned silver and black comfort waistband adds a whole lot of style plus half inch comfort stretch straps prevent cutting in.

Like all Raw Studio gear, the Ball Lift Jockstrap is handcrafted and totally affordable.
22.00 USD
color: Black
price: $29.00 USD

color: red-orange and White
price: $24.00 USD

color: Ladder Thong
price: $20.95 USD

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