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Good Devil Matrix Thong Detail 1
Good Devil Matrix Thong Detail 2
Good Devil Matrix Thong
Black - 89.91% Polyamide 10.09% Spandex
Sometimes it's good to be versatile! The Good Devil Matrix Thong is a display suit designed to lift and show off all you've got in a variety of ways.

Made from a simple and thin elasticated fabric string. A non-restrictive cockring is suspended from the waistband by two upper strings. Another string attaches to the bottom of the ring sitting at the base of your shaft. This string travels down, under and around to the back, splitting your balls on the way. This looks and feels awesome. At the back, the string splits into three. The first disappears between your ass cheeks, reappearing at the top and attaches to the center of the waistband while the other two head off in opposite directions mimicking a jockstrap except they don't sit below the cheeks but just above them and finally attach to the waistband on either side.

Although the above description describes our favorite, there are a number of ways to wear and put your boys on display - be sure to check out our models Jack and Adam Stray as they play around with alternative ways to wear it.

Although perfect at home, we suggest wearing this (and nothing else) to work under your business suit to add a little excitement to your daily grind. Just keep the bathroom within sight, as you may need to spend your breaks in the stall.
9.95 USD
color: Black
price: $14.95 USD

color: Red
price: $9.95 USD

color: Slate-blue
price: $26.00 USD

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