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Flarico Bub Adjustable Suspensory Jockstrap Detail 1
Flarico Bub Adjustable Suspensory Jockstrap Detail 2
Flarico Bub Adjustable Suspensory Jockstrap
White - 65% Poly 35% rubber elastic
This is a true medical suspensory jockstrap made with a super soft pouch material to cradle your balls while your penis swings free. Perfect after a testicular operation or use your imagination and come up with other uses! Metal buckles allow the straps to be adjusted and include extra long straps to insure this fits everyone and small fabric swatches placed between the buckle and your skin protect you from chaffing.

Sizing is simply based on the size of your balls. Big balls, go large.

Although you'll want to cut the straps after you've fitted it, we've left the straps on for Fred to model the jock to let everyone know just how generous they are.

X & XXL Size Labels On Flarico Supporters.

Flarico produce all their supporter labels in house on a very old piece of machinery. Until we started to carry them, Flarico only produced supporters up to size “large”, we asked for X and XX large to be added. The printer they use is quite an antique and it is no longer possible to get a new print plate for it. Please be aware that all Xlarge and XXlarge (2X) supporters have hand entered X’s on the size label.
18.95 USD
color: Red
price: $9.95 USD

color: Black and White
price: $29.00 USD

color: Leopard
price: $24.00 $18.00 USD

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