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Flarico 6 Inch Waistband Duribilknit Athletic Supporter Detail 1
Flarico 6 Inch Waistband Duribilknit Athletic Supporter Detail 2
Flarico 6 Inch Waistband Duribilknit Athletic Supporter
White - 65% Poly 35% rubber elastic
For guys who want both genital and abdomen support then this jockstrap is for you. A traditional Flarico woven pouch design with a full 6 inch wide waistband, this is supported with three rigid plastic support sticks sewn on, two on a diagonal on the front and one in the center rear, these not only prevent folding but also provide extra support and flattening. Includes a full 6 1/2 inch width shrink resistant knitted pouch with 3/4 inch leg straps.

You can see the flattening effect of the jockstrap in our bonus shots with Fred. As for Santos in the main shots, he certainly didn't need help in the abs department, but you have to admit he definitely makes a functional medical jockstrap pretty damn sexy.

We also have a 10 inch version of this supporter available.

X & XXL Size Labels On Flarico Supporters.

Flarico produce all their supporter labels in house on a very old piece of machinery. Until we started to carry them, Flarico only produced supporters up to size “large”, we asked for X and XX large to be added. The printer they use is quite an antique and it is no longer possible to get a new print plate for it. Please be aware that all Xlarge and XXlarge (2X) supporters have hand entered X’s on the size label.
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color: Spring Break
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color: Black
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color: Black and Red
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