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Flarico Adult Flex Cup and Supporter Detail 1
Flarico Adult Flex Cup and Supporter Detail 2
Flarico Adult Flex Cup and Supporter
White - 75% Poly 25% Rubber
If you're looking for total support against a baseball or hockey puck to the groin or simply a kick in the balls, then you need some serious protection with a hard cup supporter from Flarico.

This "modern" contour flex cup is a high impact resistant hard cup with flexible sides for better mobility and better fit. Like the classic this cup includes a 3 inch waistband supporter with a shrink resistant pouch to hold the cup and 3/4 inch leg straps.

X & XXL Size Labels On Flarico Supporters.

Flarico produce all their supporter labels in house on a very old piece of machinery. Until we started to carry them, Flarico only produced supporters up to size “large”, we asked for X and XX large to be added. The printer they use is quite an antique and it is no longer possible to get a new print plate for it. Please be aware that all Xlarge and XXlarge (2X) supporters have hand entered X’s on the size label.
14.95 USD now only $11.96 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
color: Black
price: $34.95 USD

color: Red and Black
price: $28.00 USD

color: Blue
price: $29.00 USD

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