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Nasty Pig NSTYPG Shorts - Black

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Nasty Pig NSTYPG Shorts Detail 1
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Nasty Pig NSTYPG Shorts
Black - 100% Cotton
Don't worry, we found your new favorite do everything short, whether it's for sweating out, going out or hanging out, the Nasty Pig NSTYPG short is it. Made with a super comfy fleece so they're perfect chilling on the couch while binge watching your favorite Netflix series but because they're a slim fit, in serious jet black and end right above the knee, you can dress them up. Just grab your Nasty Pig Ringer Tee and favorite pair of combat boots and hit the street (or club).

Even better is the invisible zipper pockets that make sure that all your important stuff stays put during those grueling workouts and the fleece will soak up all the sweat. For some in certain situations having NASTY PIG emblazoned across your leg isn't ideal but Nasty Pig has got you covered, with NSTYPG printed in black down this left leg in a monochromatic vinyl. Those in the know (and the ones you'd want to know) will throw in the few vowals necessary to put you in that special members club.

Finally, a thick drawstring with heavy metal retangular ends (aglets) with NASTY PIG debossed in the metal finish is the finishing touch you'd expect from these guys.

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